What To Do When the Plan Fails…

The last post was about how scheduling can give you a perfect life!!! Not really, but it seems like it for 5 minutes after you have that brand new, the-stars-have-aligned schedule!!! It might even feel nearly perfect on the first day with your fresh ambition to pull the rest of these slackers together and make their life better with your beautifully written plan!

Now, I can guarantee that at some point the ambition will be long gone and you may ask yourself why you listened to me (prediction: days 2-12). Let’s assume you would want to ask me why it’s not working rather than ignoring my blog posts, unfollowing my pages, and possibly even *gasp* unfriending me. If you did ask me, (please ask me!) I would say, keep at it – it will get better.

Alter the schedule if you must, but keep with it! Set fun or obnoxious alarms on your phone, hand out copies of the latest draft to every moving creature in your home. Change the way you move everyone along, be it by merry tunes or drill sergeant shouting – I have done all of these and they do help. Sometimes.

As a friend (and because my fellow Iron Hearts can totally rat me out), I want to disabuse you of visions of a meticulously clean home, carefully planned 8 course meals, scarily attentive school pupils, a picturesque, photo-op homestead setting or any other domestic perfection that you see in this post…

Though I made this dinner tonight and feel like I crushed it.

The reality is that the dishes get done and the floor is swept but it’s not uncommon to find globs of yogurt sliding down the wall because it dried and was left there for a few months after I kept forgetting or ignoring it (dried food is not easy to clean off textured walls, my friend!) But the house is kept relatively clean. Meals are made, and if things get real, I kick into default emergency mode and feed them popcorn or other miscellany not found under the couch cushions. But we do eat food. We do homeschool, and currently have the privilege of having an extra lady in our class. Sometimes we’re behind in our day and there are meltdowns…  But the children do learn stuff. Our homestead is small, always a work in progress, with animals often getting out to run wild and weeds almost always out of control. But our homestead is growing. The opportunity to spend time with extra kiddos whether just visits from our other Iron Hearts kiddies or during our childcare hours is precious, but also a challenge with time and personality.  But every child here is truly cared for. 

BUT there are also days, weeks, months that not only my schedule completely falls through but seemingly all the “togetherness” that I had thought that I had. It’s not all that unusual for me to become confounded at the turn of events, exasperated by those around me and frustrated that my plan is not working. Suddenly, I have the idea that eating ice cream and throwing my hands up is my only option. The discovery hits me that I am a failure. In my overwhelmed state, I begin to question everything and wondering if I am capable of doing anything that I have before me.

Then I remember Who gave me these tasks…



At times, I may fall prey to these waves of insecurity and depression. As I recognize those thoughts are not from our good Father, I know that Satan seized a moment to take my mind from the Lord’s purpose for me. To serve Him wholeheartedly. In His wisdom He gave me these tasks, and equips me to undertake them. I am capable because He has made me so. No other authority on this earth can tell Him otherwise.

In His goodness, Christ has offered me – no, Christ has offered us life. Abundant life! In His sovereignty He reminds us that our plans are not His plan. When we struggle, it has been ordained and has a purpose – for us to recognize our need for a Redeemer.

Know this well: when our plans fail, His does not. When we fail, He does not. I pray that you, friend, are able to find His goodness to you in that…




Are there any failures in your life you are now able to see how He worked together for your good and His purposes?


Author: Katie

Welcome! I'm Katie. Here at Forging Iron Hearts, I will be sharing the experiences of our family here in our intentional community in East Texas. You will likely see occasional posts from my wonderful husband Kevin and the other Iron Heart families, as well.

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  1. My kids are fed and loved too! Thank you for the encouraging words, and that nudge back to what we are doing each day- serving the Lord. That joy is so easy to miss with all the stuff of what we are doing. And, your chicken looks fabulous.

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