Walmart Grocery Pickup – Is It Really Worth It?

Walmart Grocery Pickup
We’re a family of 6, on a food budget, and the nearest pickup location is 31 minutes away (going the speed limit.) When I first heard about Walmart grocery pickup, I was skeptical: Is it really worth it?

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Usually, I take all the children grocery shopping with me.
But TODAY Kevin has taken the kids shopping. By shopping, I mean they’re going to drive to the pickup location and let someone load up the truck, stop to get donuts and come home.
That’s it.


1. I went to the referred Walmart’s Grocery link. In the comfort of my kitchen, I ordered everything we needed. It was easier the first time I ordered to use a desktop rather than a mobile device. In subsequent times because the site had my settings and preferences, the mobile worked just fine. Walmart even has a reorder items option. Genius.
2. I reserved a pickup store location and time. I paid.
I was getting back late from a meeting, so my first order went in at 1 am. There were several locations to choose from, so I picked one, reserved a pickup at 8 am and entered my credit card information to pay. The rest was up to Kevin!
My oldest child and blogging sidekick, Liberty, photo-documented the rest.
Walmart Grocery Pick Up
3. Kevin went to the address listed on the reservation.
Note: We pick up from a Neighborhood market rather than a Super Walmart. Though it wasn’t intentional at first, I highly recommend it. Iron Heart Mama Ashley chose to go to a Super Walmart due to their dairy-free selection. She did get the df items that she wanted but her produce was not as high quality as mine from the Neighborhood Market. This may vary from store to store, but is still a general rule of thumb.
Walmart Grocery Pick Up
Our Walmart of choice has classy, covered reserved parking spaces.
4. Once parked, Kevin called the number on the sign, gave the name on the order and his parking spot.

Walmart Grocery Pick Up

In less than 5 minutes, the attendant rolled our groceries out and loaded them into the truck.

From there, the only thing Kevin was responsible for was picking up donuts.
I almost cried when Kevin came back with the groceries, and not even just because I was so happy about the donuts.

Walmart Grocery Pickup

Walmart Grocery Pickup

Kevin and the kids delivered the groceries to the kitchen and Liberty and I sorted and went over the entire order.
We had ordered 6 bags of Great Value of unbleached flour, but they ran out so at no cost to me replaced one with a brand name.
We did find that out of the myriad of cans of tomato products, we were one short. I promptly hopped on the customer service messaging system. Within a few minutes, I received a refund to my account.
No complaints!

So, Walmart Grocery Pickup – Is It Really Worth It?

Walmart Grocery Pickup
And so if you can’t tell already my vote is YES. It’s definitely worth it.

Walmart Grocery Pickup Savings


Friend, listen: I just saved at least $5 by not going to the physical store with my children. Add another $5 because I didn’t have to second guess my list. Another $5 because instead of mama hangry shopping, I was eating baby carrots without the feel of contracting a disease from the cart. You know what I am talking about… And because it’s Walmart, I saved the obligatory $25 that is coaxed out of nearly every shopper (if you are immune to this, I congratulate you!)
These are just estimates, but if I am honest with all of you, I probably saved more by using the grocery pickup.
As you may know, Walmart discontinued the in-store Savings Catcher. However, they claim to still use it, or a price matching system, for the pickup. I will keep my eye on this and report back in.
I mean, it doesn’t matter what store you shop at, even a stickler for sticking to the list can be strong only for so long.
(Side note: a menu helps with savings all around. Have you seen my
Eating Well series? It totally helps.)


Between combining the tasks of making the grocery list and shopping, I saved a couple hours of my time. Grocery shopping with children is like the heat index or wind chill factor: 2 hours of shopping with children feels more like 4 hours.


This was a magical conservation of my energy. I am a mama and grocery shopping with children is exhausting. Enough said.
Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE spending money, time and energy on my family. But there are other ways I would choose to do so.

One More Thing about Walmart Grocery Pickup

First-time customers of the free grocery pickup get $10 off. Then, they share a little referral link and for every one of their amaaaazing friends that use that link, they get ANOTHER $10 off.
That’s enough to feed a blogger’s family of voracious eaters for a whole day!
(No pressure.)
So, friends, because I love talking menu and shopping, I am sharing this Facebook live with you. It’s embarrassing but full of some good stuff, including how I ferociously guard my drinks, pencils, Sharpies and dry erase markers.
We can dive into how to save more money, time and energy soon, okay? Until then, friend, try Walmart grocery pickup. You’ll thank me later.
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What is your biggest challenge grocery shopping?

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  1. I LOVE grocery pickup. My son has been sick several times over the last few months, so that makes grocery shopping hard. This has saved us so much time and energy

    1. Yes! And with flu season, most of us mamas don’t even want to take our HEALTHY kiddos into the store. Hugely helpful. Thanks for stopping in, Allyson!

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