The Compound Call ***Volume 2, Issue 1***

The Compound Call: Volume 1, Issue 3

Crazy East Texas weather, happenings at the homestead, intentional community hosted events and the Iron Heart’s BREAKING NEWS – you don’t want to miss this issue of The Compound Call!

Note from the Editor:

Late, as usual, there is much news to report from The Compound. Let’s start with the biggest announcement: EVERYONE HAS BEEN HAVING BABIES.

Except me. Some of you get this, right?

In the fall, I felt as if I needed some big changes in my life, too. You know, like chopping off my hair and getting a Chiweenie. I did cut my hair. (Like I literally cut it. Myself. It was reckless, yet it had to be done.) However, after conferring with my family, decided against getting a Chiweenie.

But I did watch this video over and over and over… I feel like this was time well-spent and nearly justifies the lateness of this issue. Enjoy!

Iron Heart Chief Editor Siggy



Though East Texas enjoyed a mild summer and fall, we had heard that we were going to have a hard winter… We did have a  cold snap a couple weeks ago and then a Texas blizzard.

Okay, I think we got 2″ overnight. For Texas, that’s a blizzard.

Snow day for everyone, except the tortured homeschoolers. As Tracy shared on Instagram, there was still plenty of time for them to play.

Less than a week later, we had an evening tornado warning and spent an hour in the storm shelter together. All was well, and it was good practice for the upcoming storm season.

On the Homestead

Since this summer, dear friends for various reasons have gifted us their chickens. Our laying flock grew from 18 to over 50 in a few shorts months.

In preparation for Thanksgiving, several friends came to join us at The Compound for a turkey processing day. Kevin, having plenty of experience, taught the basics to the men, boys, and a few curious girls. We are continually thankful for the Lord’s provision.

As Tracy previously shared on the blog, we had 101 puppies! Well, almost. At this point, only two adorable little pups are still waiting for their families. So, this leads into:


Free: Two sweet puppies, black female and brindle male available for loving homes. Great with kids. Each puppy comes with a delicious cup of coffee.


Veteran’s Day, we opened The Compound for a bonfire- a quiet evening to recognize our veterans for their service. It was a wonderful time of fellowship, followed by sharing of Scripture and call for all of us to great men and women of service, valor, and faith. Then we got out fireworks.

On our Facebook page, we hosted the Mamapreneurs Thanks Giveaway. Fabulous items such as Young Living essential oils, an Usborne book, Mary Kay products, LuLaRoe leggings, The Pampered Chef book and spices and finally a headband from Coffee Break & Stitch Co.  (Linked are the available Facebook pages of the mamas that contributed.)

The admins of our Forging Iron Hearts Together group page attempted our first Facebook live video to announce our winner! It was great fun and an excellent precursor to our Super Missionary shirt fundraiser.

THANKSGIVING! Our beautiful East Texas weather allowed us to host our dinners, Part 1 and Part 2, outdoors. If the weather and settings weren’t lovely enough, we were immensely grateful to gather with some of our favorite people for good food, precious fellowship and a time of worship.

The time between Thanksgiving to Christmas seems so short, doesn’t it?!

The Iron Hearts had the sweet privilege of hosting our Super Missionaries for Christmas! If you have donated, be sure to check your email, where we unveiled our Supers. Oh, the mystery… So, is $25 worth a shirt and to learn the secret identity of our heroes? We think so. If you are interested in supporting them, pop over to our Support our Ministry page!

New Year’s Eve was quiet here at The Compound as illnesses visiting some of our homes since Thanksgiving finally made the full rounds. We are thankful for essential oils, herbal remedies, pineapple juice and other medicines that got us through this looooong season of illness.


Maybe you remember that in the late summer, Craig and Ashley and their girls were blessed with a new handsome Young Iron Heart. Oh, how he has grown!

In the next few weeks, we are expecting another tiny addition to join Nate and Tracy’s family!!! If we were not already delighted by this sweet little girl, one handsome Young Iron Heart in their home proudly announces in almost every conversation that he is a “big brudder”. We excitedly wait for this baby girl to arrive any day.

And, finally, our breaking news: we are adding another Iron Heart family to The Compound!!!

Since meeting Joe and Ruthie and their precious children, the Lord has bound our hearts to theirs, providing us both encouragement and challenge in the common pursuit of glorifying our good God.

Already, we are enjoying the increasing time that we are able to spend with our dear brother and sister in Christ and their children. We look forward to them settling in and making The Compound “home”.

Iron Heart Family

Farewell For Now

As we close this newsletter, we thank you for stopping in. In the next few months, expect to read lots more of our community news. Don’t miss a post or an issue and subscribe here!

 Prayer Request

We do ask that you pray us in the next coming months: the birth of a new baby, a new family with all the life changes they will be making, and for all of our families as we continue on in ministry. We may make plans, but above all things we pursue holiness.
As always, we are the Iron Hearts: being forged by our Lord, sharpened by one another to be useful tools for His glory…
The Compound Call

Author: Katie

Welcome! I'm Katie. Here at Forging Iron Hearts, I will be sharing the experiences of our family here in our intentional community in East Texas. You will likely see occasional posts from my wonderful husband Kevin and the other Iron Heart families, as well.

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