The Best Homemaking Tip

There are many ideas and hacks about taking care of your home, but this is the BEST homemaking tip that you will ever receive… 

The Best Homemaking Tip

I took a moment to rest after hours of working on blogging… In that moment I really saw my surroundings – my shockingly messy surroundings. What had happened in here? Oh, dinner! Ach. Forgot to start that… And to be completely honest, though I knew the children were somewhere near – because I did not make the house look like this – I hadn’t seen them since we had finished with school a few hours earlier. (They were with the other Iron Heart children playing outside – I checked.)

I pointed out to Mr. Handsome Pants how comical it is to be forsaking the very homemaking tips that I will be sharing on this blog while I am learning how to run said blog.

In a wavering falsetto voice – that I can only assume was supposed to be my voice – he replied, “I’m a great homemaker, sitting in front of the computer, blogging about how great of a homemaker I am while not actually homemaking…”

And we laughed and laughed and laughed.

Then I came straight to the computer to blog about this.

The Best Homemaking Tip

Wise Mama Homemaking Advice

Years ago, after explaining my inability to keep up with all of my responsibilities at home (outside of ensuring the basic survival of my children), my wise friend shared something with me that another friend shared with her. I have shared this with my Iron Heart mamas and now share with you, friend:

“You can only really do two things a day. Choose two things.”

Homeschooling and cooking. Homeschooling and cleaning. Cooking and cleaning. Laundry and cleaning… Pick a combination. Any combination.

You’re Good, But Not THAT Good

Mama, this is not to say that you won’t have blessed days that you manage to accomplish more than just those two things. You maybe have a schedule, a plan and then you work it. That’s something to feel good about and possibly share with others on Facebook. Enjoy.

But trust me on this: make sure you don’t pretend that was all you. The Lord lined it up so your hard work was more efficient. Don’t agree? Think for a minute about the days that you have a perfect plan, give it your all and have only survival to show for it. You may or may not find yourself staring blankly, drooling. (Yes, that did happen to me once. Or occasionally.)

It’s on those days you survived by God’s grace.

Praise Him for the smooth road today, and ask Him to prepare you for the next…

The Truth

I can attest to the truth that a good many days you’ll still only have just enough time, energy or wherewithal to check off your newly revised and shortened to-do list.

One of these days, you will find yourself trying to recount to someone what you accomplished, and suddenly be surprised and a bit embarrassed that it doesn’t sound like much.

Oh, friend, it was enough.

And, hey, if you did accomplish things (a thing) or your list was only mental, write it out and check those tasks off with gusto. Isn’t God good in even that?!

Now, praise Him and rest.

So, was that the best homemaking tip? Picking Two tasks a day?

No. That was just a good one that I like to share. The best is actually much more simple…

The Best Homemaking Tip

The best homemaking tip is the one I am still learning myself:


Rejoice and be glad in this day, friend, because regardless how much you feel you accomplished or how you would rank it, He made it.





What did you choose today?

Psalm 118:24 and Philippians 4:4 – go get some rejoicing songs stuck in your head… You are welcome.

Author: Katie

Welcome! I'm Katie. Here at Forging Iron Hearts, I will be sharing the experiences of our family here in our intentional community in East Texas. You will likely see occasional posts from my wonderful husband Kevin and the other Iron Heart families, as well.

6 thoughts on “The Best Homemaking Tip”

  1. I feel like I won’t get anything done unless I have a list and schedule! I find it way to easy to sit in front of the computer reading an amazing blog by an amazing person instead of actually getting anything done. But a list and schedule keeps me on track.

    1. Same here! Some of the craziest seasons in my life were held together by a schedule and God’s grace! In fact, scheduling is one of my next blog posts… So, maybe, just one more amazing blog by an amazing person? <3

  2. I have a tendency to make lists that I cannot possibly complete. Then I only manage to do basic care of my kid, like feeding him and dealing with his other messes and needs. And of course those things are not on my list. So at the end of the day, I did not check anything off my list.

    1. Rewrite that list at the end of the day with the things you did accomplish and check those babies off! Looking at that might help you prioritize in the future. Honestly, when our children are grown, we most likely won’t be happily recalling even our most accomplished days but rather the days that were spent nurturing or playing with our little ones while inevitably neglecting the house… Take joy in these days, Becky, and maybe just don’t take too long looking at your house. 😉

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