The Advent Season Plan for Slackers…

The Advent Season Plan For Slackers

Up until this year, besides the occasional paper chain or randomly acquired calendar,  we have not really made it a practice to observe the Advent season. This year that is all going to change… But in true slacker fashion: last minute, maybe a tiny bit late and real easy.

The Advent Season Plan

for Slackers

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Probably the best-known Advent item is the calendar: a simple, fun way to be thoughtful in the countdown to Christmas.

I would be remiss should I not share one of our favorite Studio C videos.

Though you could go to the store or order from many fabulous online stores, I chose Amazon because 2-day Prime shipping from my couch. I *heart* Amazon Prime.  It is essential to my slacker style.

(If you haven’t had a chance to try Prime yet, this season is the perfect time:
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For those of you with family members who need not extra sugar or have no self-control:


These few videos clarify the history and meaning of the season:


I was planning a quick library or Amazon scramble for some Advent-like books. Instead, a lovely adopted Iron Heart family shared Ishtar’s Odyssey with us for the season.

Oh. My. Heart. In the introduction was this:

“Advent. Adventus. Ecce advenit Dominator Dominus. Behold, the Lord the Ruler is come. Reaching back two millennia the birth of the Christ child, and forward to his reign on earth, the tradition of Advent is a three-fold celebration of the birth of Jesus, his eventual second coming to earth, and his continued presence in our lives here and now. God in our past, God in our future, God in our present. Advent.” (Arnold Ytreeide, Ishtar’s Odyssey: A Family Story for Advent)

How beautiful.

The author gives a short history of the Advent season, ways to incorporate it into your family’s life, as well as a list of Persian foods to further create a connection with the story.


So, because as I type this, I am suffering from the after Thanksgiving crash illness (or a common head cold), this is as far as I get. For more ideas and activities, check out Jamerrill’s amazingly huge list of FREE resources at FreeHomeschoolDeals.Com .


So, friend, whatever you choose to do this season, may it bring you closer to the Savior, the reason for every season.







How does your family observe Advent?

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