Thanksgiving: A Homeschool Lesson Plan For Slackers

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I have people talking to me about Christmas presents and how their homes were decorated for Christmastime November 1st.

What?! I am still shocked that’s it’s November!

I haven’t yet planned anything for our Thanksgiving gathering and even less a Thanksgiving lesson plan. So, this is what I am going to do: slap this post together and then go send out a bunch of texts to the Iron Heart Mamas to plan The Compound’s Thanksgiving festivities…

So, here it is, friend. A little link-heavy, but well worth it.



A Homeschool Lesson Plan

For Slackers

All in one resource

We love Scholastic. They have totally opened our world up to living history and that’s been huge.  The First Thanksgiving is a fantastically interactive site largely based on Plimoth Plantation. There is an entire lesson plan right here with the videos, timeline, reproducibles, and games…

Thanksgiving: A Homeschool Lesson Plan For Slackers



In general, we have read Berenstain Bears, Little Critter and other fun books about fall and Thanksgiving with our little ones. We really love how Liz Curtis Higgs weaves the Gospel into this sweet fall-themed story.

We just finished this book and it had a wonderfully-descriptive fiction account of what happened at Plimoth and the first Thanksgiving. I often have the older kids read these aloud to all of this and that keeps them busy for hours.


Now, you know I have to list A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving… It’s an Amazon video. It’s not free, but it’s a timeless classic that nearly everyone loves and is totally worthy of a slacker’s Thanksgiving homeschool lesson plan.

Free printables

I totally believe in supporting these bloggers and designers that put out these helpful printables and beautiful artwork, so I am a subscriber to many and try to follow along. But soooometimes, I need a quick fix that doesn’t involve subscribing, going to my inbox and trying to download papers before school. I am thankful that I can just go to these links and print copies off for an impromptu lesson.

In the all in one  Scholastic resource (listed above, as well) is what I would use for the historical printables.

We love mad libs! Such a fun way to learn parts of speech. You can download this non-historical Thanksgiving mad lib from My Sister’s Suitcase. If you want to save this for later, save it here.

Thanksgiving: A Homeschool Lesson Plan For Slackers

This cute free printable can be used as an easy coloring activity sheet for littles or as a placemat as part of the Thanksgiving or fall kit. I have this pinned in my Thanksgiving section.

Thanksgiving: A Homeschool Lesson Plan For Slackers

This is one of the two cute Thanksgiving coloring pages offered by Hope Ink. Just print and go. (Maybe pin it, too.)

Thanksgiving: A Homeschool Lesson Plan For Slackers

The Time Warp Wife shared this free coloring page to go along with her Exodus Bible study. All good stuff! Pin here.

Thanksgiving: A Homeschool Lesson Plan For Slackers

So, there it is: My slacker Thanksgiving homeschool lesson plan.

From our nation’s incredible history to festivities with friends and family, we have much to be thankful for. But, nothing is as thanks-worthy as the Lord’s goodness to us. If you need a moment to refocus during the busyness of the season like I do, you should read this article.

Happy Thanksgiving, friend.







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