Eating Well When You Can’t Afford To ~ Part 5


In this series, we have been talking about eating well when you can’t afford to…

Let’s marry a thankful heart to the list of foods and use the tools and tips to maaaaake:

The Menu Plan

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How to Schedule Your ENTIRE Life (plus free printable!)

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I love tutorials with a million photos of a project from beginning to end, including random “meanwhile” photos. I love those trending recipe videos with their upbeat music and captivating condensed actions that give us unrealistic expectations that that lovely food can easily be made in 60 seconds. I love reading Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House series with her quaint descriptions of daily tasks. I ADORE getting the sense of accomplishment from watching Snow White whistle while she sweetly lures the animals into doing all the work for her: Continue reading “How to Schedule Your ENTIRE Life (plus free printable!)”