Before you look around the site, you should probably know a little about us, right?

Let’s start with where:

The Compound

An intentional community in the piney woods of East Texas.

Our community was inspired late 2012 in Western New York as several families sat around a dining room table. We discussed all things political, financial, and spiritual. And possibly also the zombie apocalypse. We were sold – all signs pointed west. Or south. The summer of 2013, there was a small wagons west movement for these families all the way to East Texas.

A year after the great migration, we found the property in the beautiful pines that became our home. Over time our place was called The Compound, a tongue-in-cheek name. All in good fun. (We have a great sense of humor.)

You’ll find all sorts of things happening here: homesteading, homeschooling, natural living, tiny home building, mechanic repairs, frugal living and coffee drinking. Also, we eat lots.

Even with all these exciting things, who we are has a much grander design:

We are the Iron Hearts

We are Christ-seekers. Individual families that chose to live in a way that represents the hope that we have in our Redeemer. Whether by word or deed, we have been appointed to speak the name of Jesus to a world desperate for Him.

Collectively, we are committed to supporting one another in this calling and as we raise up the next generation of Christians.

We find great joy in reaching out to others, as well as offering respite and encouragement to visitors of The Compound. That includes you!!!

Our why and namesake:

Forging Iron Hearts

Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

We are the Iron Hearts, being forged by our Lord, sharpened by one another to be useful tools for His glory.

We can openly say being sharpened is not always comfortable, but the growth that comes from it is ALWAYS worth it.

So, listen…

You can pop in every now and then and check out what we’re up to OOOOOR because we occasionally send out an email with breaking news, our newsletter The Compound Call or vlog, you could subscribe.

That’s definitely what we would do if we were you.

No pressure.

But you really should.


Join us, friend, as we live life. Forging iron hearts together…