Part Two: Once Upon a Time… We Actually Have 10 Puppies

Part Two: Once Upon a Time We Actually Have 10 Puppies


Once upon a time, we exaggerated the number of puppies we thought we were going to have because maybe three pregnant females have no business living together… mostly kidding… but seriously…

Plot Twist:

Apparently, we were a mama shy of three preggos. Which is sort of sad, but mostly better than the predicament we imagined for ourselves. Right up until we had the first litter, I was still expecting a second batch. It doesn’t seem likely anymore. Whether she was coming down from her first heat hormones or incredibly sympathetic to her sister and myself, I tend to lean toward the latter, she doesn’t seem to be a mama pup after all.


So first things first, I apologize for my accusations toward the potential fathers. To Bruce, I apologize for basically calling you a two-timer. And to our tiny, little, neighbor dog, Charlie, the miniature Dachshund, I am sorry that I was overly suspicious of your visits. It is still almost amusing to think of what could have been though.


Part Two: Once Upon a Time We Actually Have 10 Puppies

The Details:

It was freshly Thanksgiving Day, one A.M in fact, and I was prepping for the big day of family, food, and fellowship. I noticed Mama Dog pacing a bit, so I cleaned up and peaked in at her. She was pulling at the blankets and sheets we had placed for her to get comfortable and have these puppies on. It was time.

Although she was so quiet, I could tell she was ready. She turned in circles a few times and began half-squatting. I had old pillow cases on the ready, in case it became necessary for me to help or move puppies. That became semi-necessary almost immediately… Mama dog kept offering up her backside to me. A puppy was emerging and she basically placed it right into my pillow cased hands. Oh, my goodness – the excitement!!!

She started sniffing and licking at the sac around the puppy so I set it down close to her and she laid down and continued cleaning it. A second puppy came shortly after. Then, after almost an hour of a break, she had another. And another. This went on for awhile. And to bring this whole “101 Dalmatian” spoof full circle, nearly all the puppies had spots RIGHT AWAY!

At 6.30 that morning, we had a total of seven puppies and Mama Dog was settled in and nursing these whining little wigglers. I went to rest for a bit before the day’s next festivities.


A funny thing happened. Between keeping family and friends updated with pictures and short story versions of the event, I was counting and recounting puppies. Seven. Seven again, nope. There was another! I corrected my texted number reports.

My oldest sat there with me, looking in on the puppies and we counted nine. We recounted and pointed as close as we could to the greedily nursing and squirming tangle of tiny puppy bodies. Turns out that each time we recounted, we ended up with another puppy! At ten, I said no more counting, which worked out well since that’s how many we have.


Part Two: Once Upon a Time We Actually Have 10 Puppies
Each of my kiddos loving on a puppy

Puppy Love

Now the puppies are two weeks old and getting noticeably larger. In the last two days, we have seen some open eyes! We all cheered! Its pretty clear that most people love puppies. We each have a favorite or two.

the plan!

Follow as our journey continues and we post cute photos and heart-moving updates on Facebook and beg our friends and family to home a puppy. It will be early January when these puppies are weaned and ready to leave Mama Dog. Until then, expect overwhelmingly precious puppy stuff!!!

Part Two: Once Upon a Time We Actually Have 10 PuppiesRemember, they can come with big red bows.

Cheers, over my cup,



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    1. Hi Beth, Thanks for reading!! So the Mama Dog is Black Lab, German Shepherd and the Stray Papa, according to my best guess had mastiff in him. He was pretty large and these pups are starting to show it 🙂

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