Part One: Once Upon a Time Maybe We Have 101 Puppies

Part One: Once Upon a Time Maybe We Have 101 Puppies

Once upon a time, we had one dog and one baby. Since then we have had two more babies and the notion that every boy should have a dog. So now we have three boys and three dogs. It’s all very exciting.

Part One: Once Upon a Time Maybe We Have 101 Puppies
Middle Kiddo with his pup

The most recent dog acquisition took place about 8 months ago. We had just celebrated our Middle Kiddo turning five and my sister in law, who lived very nearby at the time, found some pups for sale. So we brought home a pup each, little black lab-German Shepherd ladies from the same litter.

Existing already on the property is our 7-year-old female boxer-lab, the property Alpha male, a big goofy 3-year-old Lab mix, and two elderly dachshunds. The Compound dog count is now at six. Like I said, super exciting.

We tried to begin right away with training these pups. So we worked on basic things like being gentle with the children, going potty outside, staying on the property, and not eating everything they came into contact with. Things like shoes, flip-flops, dolls, wiring to a trailer, porch plants, tomato plants and garlic from the garden? We’re still not sure what pulled out all the garlic, but I can’t say for certain that it wasn’t these pups. So we kept moving forward, training them and cleaning up pee.

Then crazy beautiful life happens, we leave the dogs here at the Compound and travel for like a month. Celebrating a college graduation and wedding, visiting our New York family, eating all the Buffalo food and drinking all the Tim Horton’s coffee, and finally returning home…pregnant!! Yes, we did!! And we are thrilled!!

Part One: Once Upon a Time Maybe We Have 101 Puppies
Schoolwork and a puppy

Right around this time my sister and her family moved back to New York. We took in their puppy because you know, we still had a boy without his own dog. So our house is now three boys, a pregnant mama, and three dogs. I can still smell the puppy messes, by the way.

We were surrounded by grace, love, and encouragement while we adjusted to this little life change. And we were not the only ones to lose shoes, toys, and whatever else the pups chewed. So we kept on with both pups in our house and out on lines in the yard while they learned the boundaries.

The pups got upgraded to our back room when they outgrew their cages. This proved to be extra challenging as there were new things to chew on and children to sneak out the back door with. But we doubled our efforts and settled into a routine of taking them out and feeding them without incident.

Some of you may be wondering how old the pups were around this time… if you guessed about six months old and going into their first heat, you were not wrong. It had been recommended to us to allow our dogs to go through their first heat and to have them fixed shortly after.

We had a plan.

Just so you know, we had a plan. It seemed like a good plan. It was a good plan, right? Wrong.

stray male dog.

We called him Bruce and he was a huge, intimidating-looking mutt. As it turns out though, he was terrified at being trapped under our house while my husband drove around the neighborhood trying to find out who Bruce belonged to. Without any leads, we let him out, thinking maybe he could be our friend. However, it became increasingly obvious that he was only here for one thing. Maybe two things.

We kept careful watch over our dogs and chased Bruce off a few times. Our firstborn wasn’t totally wrong when he told us that Bruce just wanted to marry one of the girl dogs. Although it was a short acquaintance, we soon discovered that one of our dogs was going to be a mama. Thanks, Bruce.

And then…

Not to be outdone by her sister, it would seem that our other lady pup is also pregnant. The timing doesn’t seem to allow for Bruce to be the sire of both litters, but who knows? If not Bruce, the next dog in question would be the Compound Mini Dachshund who found his way down here often during the dogs’ heat. I know, imagine that! Still laughing…

Part One: Once Upon a Time Maybe We Have 101 Puppies
Sooooooooo pregnant…

Current situation:

There are probably three preggos in this house. Three! One of us still chews on almost anything. Two of us stink like all the time. And all three of us are getting huge. Two of us will give birth this month, while one of us doesn’t fit into any clothes, can’t drink all the coffee, and still has like three more months to go. Deduce what you will.

Adventure is all around us.

Part One: Once Upon a Time Maybe We Have 101 Puppies
Me: Big Mama, and our first dog, the only not pregnant female in our house

Literally. Everywhere I look there is adventure. In a house of little boys, having a daughter and 101 puppies is nothing but adventure. It’s going to be fine. Really. These silly naughty dogs have settled down and are thinking about parenting or something… sympathizing with me maybe? They are sticking closer to the house than ever, listening better, and the potty messes are farther and farther behind us… until the new puppies get here. And who doesn’t love puppies? Or birth for that matter. I would say everyone at the Compound is pretty excited. The kiddos are at the top of the excitement list and Nate, my husband, is way at the bottom. But that’s okay.

So we wait and give thanks.

The puppies will be here in the next two weeks or so and Thanksgiving is my favorite time of the year. And I am thankful. God is truly good and the Giver of all good things. In all this craziness, I am beyond blessed… and looking forward to being a blessing…by sharing these puppies…

Give thanks, friends, and consider your children and how thankful they would be to know they are getting a puppy (Bows included) for Christmas.

Stay tuned and cheers,