Make Your Own Yogurt Cups (Sugar Free!)

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I take a reasonable amount of time to switch from sleeping to being a civilized human being. For this reason it is safer for everyone who might encounter me in the morning that I plan make-ahead breakfasts. Or after-nap snacks. This is one of our many blessed recipes…

The last post was my how-to on making a ga
llon of yogurt for $2.36, be it Greek or plain yogurt. Let’s hop right into this in case you made the yogurt already.

Make Your Own Yogurt Cups (Sugar Free!)

For yogurt cups, you will need:

Gallon of Yogurt
Stevia Extract Powder
Vanilla Extract
Half Pint Jars
Small Mouth Jar Storage Lids
Rubber spatula

On stevia: Many brands have an unpleasant aftertaste, as well as during taste. Like chemically, and for “natural products” that’s a big red flag. After trying many types of unsatisfactory brands of stevia and reading hundreds of product reviews, a friend tipped me off to NOW Better Stevia Organic Extract Powder. It really is better.



I bought this December 2016, use it regularly, have even shared some with stevia-unbelievers and we still have half left. I made the mistake once of using the same amount of white sugar – it tasted so sweet I almost died. In a bad way. Don’t do that.

(Complete honesty: I still haven’t found a stevia that I feel is worthy of my coffee, but when I do I will write an entire blog on the sanctity of coffee and the highest of high quality products that I put in it…)

On vanilla extract: Up until recently, I was using whatever pure vanilla extract that I could find and then this: Azure Market Vanilla Extract, Four Fold. The alcohol is less than 4% so there isn’t that bite in everything. This also is stronger, so I don’t use quite as much as I would with regular extracts.

I am not usually a measurer, but for you, I measure. Stir in 1 tsp. stevia powder and 1 tsp. vanilla extract. If you want it very sweet, add another 1/2 tsp. I would not recommend adding more vanilla unless you are using a bean or the four fold.

Taste it as you go and then jar it up.

For regular style yogurt, I transfer the yogurt into this red, plastic pitcher because the yogurt is fluid enough to pour and that makes my life sooo much easier. If I am making Greek, I use the ladle and funnel.

The tip that I can never seem to remember until the end – if you are adding anything to these cups, only fill the jars 3/4 full or you’ll have to scoop some out to prevent overflow. See my out-of-control distribution? Every. Time.

We had canned peaches on hand, so we added about 1/4 cup of peaches to half of the jars. The other half we left plain.

Why do we not do the fruit on the bottom? The plain flavored yogurt will last for weeks, but the fruit will only last a week without getting funky. In addition to no one wanting funky fruit, we’re not always in the mood for the same things. We can add whatever we’re wanting – fresh or frozen fruit, granola, or perhaps mini chocolate chips if this feels toooo healthy. Since it’s incredibly delicious, sometimes we just eat the yogurt just as it is.


The lids – I LOVE these. I have lots of canning jars that I use for anything but canning. (Okay, sometimes, I can. Sometimes I can’t. Ha! Sorry…) It’s so much easier not have to mess with the rings and canning lids for everything. (Though I do use those if we’re toting jars with liquids because these  storage lids only do so-so with liquids. Keep that in mind.)



With the lid on, we pop those yogurts in the fridge. Yes, a few shelves below the night crawlers. Now they’re ready for a easy breakfast or snack. The yogurt, not the night crawlers.


And that’s it! These yogurt cups are healthy (sans mini chocolate chips), inexpensive and delicious… If you give them a try, please let me know what you think!






What would your family top their yogurt with?

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