Introducing Tracy, our Iron Heart Barista


Hey! Its me, Tracy, and this may be my best photo… ever.

As I considered writing this post and what it would be about, so many topics crossed my mind. All the topics. Since this is my very first blog post, I suppose I should introduce myself, my family, and our life stuff.


I serve a great and gracious God, who has created me for a purpose. I’m striving to live in a way that reflects His love.

I’m a wife, a mother, a sister, and a friend. This year I will enter my thirties and I’m mostly okay with that. My hobbies and interests include super gluing things, Pinteresting? (its a thing, right?), endlessly rearranging furniture, road tripping, painting, crocheting, and reading… but first, coffee.  



Also, as far as seasonal flavor fanaticism goes, I feel that in order to share who I really am, I should mention that this year I have been baking with pumpkin and pumpkin spice since August, so… there’s that.


My husband, Nathan will most likely post before I do, but as I write this, the race is still on. I’m sure he will introduce himself, but I will say this, he is ruggedly handsome and the one who my soul loves. I am ever thankful for his gentle leading and hard work to provide for our family.

We have three crazy but sweet boys and are thrilled to meet our baby girl in February. I cannot even imagine how bringing her into this world and our house will change us.        


We moved to East Texas a little over four years ago and love it here. Every summer we rediscover how hot it gets in Texas, but I mostly prefer it to the ridiculous amounts of snow we came from.

Recently we have settled into other life changes and are blessed to have Nathan home with us much of the time as he is a full time student and also builds tiny homes in our backyard. The kiddos and I have been so thrilled to be up close to the building projects and have extra family time.

We are schooling here at home, and while the thought terrified me at first, I have quickly grown to love it. Homeschooling has been a perfect fit for our family and has allowed for breaks to travel and visit our spread out family. 

We are also learning to care for animals and tend a garden. Neither are topics I know very much about, but its exciting to see growth and the effects of nurture.  


Along with two other families, we own a bit of land that has come to be called The Compound. Here, we have embraced the principle of iron sharpening iron; a call to love, encourage, and challenge one another. We are daily discovering ways our family can serve alongside others.

My sister friends, the Iron Heart Mamas, are truly an inspiration. Walking life so close beside them has brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart during some tough times. It has been a beautiful way to stretch my understanding of community and fellowship.

As it happens, here at the Compound, many of us enjoy coffee, A LOT. Some of us drink it all day long, some of us are so greatly inspired (or wired) by coffee that a single cup is the best choice, and some of us are trying to drink less these days because we are pregnant and need to focus on proper hydration (okay, that’s just me for now). My training in the art of espresso, joy in serving it up, and coffee themed kitchen have earned me the title, Iron Heart Barista.

So stay tuned, as my surprise blog posts happen here at Forging Iron Hearts.

Cheers, over my cup,


4 thoughts on “Introducing Tracy, our Iron Heart Barista”

  1. <3 Every Mama prays for lovely Christian friends to come alongside their children to join their chase for God and to help when the path gets blocked with obstacles that could cause them to stray.
    This lovely (inside as well as the obvious candy-coating,) Iron Heart Barista is all this Mama had prayed for her girls and more.
    Pray, Mamas! Pray! God has so blessed me by answering my prayers! <3

    1. Grandma Becky, I’m so thankful for your prayers for your children; in knowing them, I have reaped the rewards of your faithfulness. And now I enjoy watching my children grow up with theirs. Thank you for your kind words 🙂

  2. It has been such a blessing to get to know all your beautiful families over these last four years. I am amazed that New York can produce so many amazing people who are on fire for God. (I can say this because I married a Yankie too!!) 😜 It’s wonderful to have so many Godly influences who love my kiddos and want to take the time to input into their lives. You’re making more of an impression into our East Texas village than you know. Thank you for your loving heart and you unwavering chase for God’s plan for you and your friendship.

    1. Traci, thank you for your sweet words. You and your family are just precious! 🙂 I am still just so thankful that He brought us to such a neat church community. We are amazed at what He is doing here and blessed to be a part of it. Thank you for reading 🙂

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