Introducing the Iron Heart Chief Editor


This is me, Katie. 

Nearly every time I start reading an article, post, or book, I have to stop midway to read about the author before resuming, whether it’s to find out what angle they’re coming from, if I agree with their view or to get a better feel of their trustworthiness.

I also have a quirky need to know if their face matches their writing voice.

All critical information.

So, for those like me, I write this page. Let us begin…

I am the wife to my Mr. Handsome Pants, Kevin.

When I met him, he was a quiet, kind 12-year-old. As his friend, in our school classroom, I watched him grow into a punk-rocker teenager and a fervent seeker of God’s truth and wisdom. I knew that I was going to marry him. We were married shortly after high school and every day since that day 15 years ago, I grow to appreciate Kevin’s love for Christ more because that also profoundly affects the way he loves me.

He still makes my heart flutter.

I am the mom to my four beasties.

I adored my toddler niece and loved being with children, so it made sense to me as newlywed that I wanted to start having children. And maybe a lot of them.

Late one November night, when a stomach bug met pregnancy sickness in a small bathroom the pregnancy test was positive. I had never been so joyful during a stomach bug, nor since.

Nine months later, July 2004, our first daughter, Libby, was born. She has all the characteristics of the sweet first born girl but with a little rough and tumble.

November 2005, Rora joined us – she became the quiet, gently smiling, curly red-haired girl with curious bouts of temper to match the stigma of her hair color.

In April 2007, born a bit early after a few complications of pregnancy, this beautiful child, Ellie, entered this world as a red-headed, third-born, petite in size but not personality child. Princess Fire Cracker. At the age of 3, she insisted on the Princess preface of this nickname.

July 2009, we welcomed our fun-loving, red-headed little fella, Levi. He has since been keeping us entertained, helping his dad where he can and holding doors open for his mama and sometimes his sisters.

I can sum this up as that I LOVE my children, but sometimes they make me feel like I am going crazy. But I love them.

I am an Iron Heart.

Though the Lord had been preparing our family for years to move from Western NY to East Texas, leaving all the people that we love has been difficult. In His goodness, we have remained connected to our loved ones in NY and found more here in Texas. Plus my mom moved here to be closer to most of her grandchildren, so that has helped. (Hi, Mom!)

Here, we are part of The Compound – a fun tongue-in-cheek name for our intentional community. You can read more about that here.

I am an Iron Heart Mama.

I have my beautiful besties, the other Iron Heart Mamas, living next door. Seeing them for just a few minutes in the middle of a stressful day is like a lifeline.

I am a classic mental overachiever.

I love homeschooling, homesteading, gardening, menu planning, schedule planning and, in general, thinking about organizing stuff.

So, I am a classic mental overachiever but when the actual work needs to be done, there needs to be a solid plan and in-depth knowledge or I’ll freak out and try to quit. Then Kevin has to intervene and encourage me to keep going. Or offer me food. Sometimes a nap. Or both. He so knows me.

I am incorrigibly frugal.

And a bit of a prepper. My great grandparents were raised during the Great Depression, my grandmother was raised in an orphanage, my mother had our home stocked for the downfall of civilization in Y2K and my dad was a good ol’ farm boy. Thus I was created.

My methods may be questionable to most people in our current culture, but I think my great-grandmother would be proud…

I am the Iron Heart Chief Editor

And Gardener. But let’s talk about my role as the chief editor first… This tech stuff is hard, I tell you! Blessedly, there are plenty of excellent, free resources at my fingertips and I am learning. I sorta love the whole process, though.

Just an FYI, putting together the subscriber list and stuff was harder than labor and delivery of a child. Don’t be surprised if it’s a little underwhelming for a good long time…

I have loved gardening since the garden was mine. Ask my parents and they will certainly recall me not loving the garden while growing up.

I love gardening. I love teaching kids about gardening. I am living the dream here at The Compound teaching all the Young Iron Hearts in our community garden.

I am a Christ-follower.

This is the best, y’all: Even at my worst days, because I have been justified by faith, I have peace with God through Christ (Romans 5:1). I have confidence that through those He has brought into my life and the Scriptures He has equipped me to do what He has given me to do (2 Timothy 3:14-17). I have a living hope through my risen Savior that He is protecting me until I can go Home and receive the promised inheritance! (1 Peter 1:3-6).

I will unabashedly tell you about the goodness of God throughout my writings, but not the goodness of me – I have no real talents, no ethereal beauty, no outstanding personality traits, no notable intelligence and, no matter how hard I try, I just can’t get it all right… I am simply walking the path that my good Heavenly Father has already laid for me. God created me, He guides and He inspires me, and that is what makes me exceptional.

That is a huge relief! With this knowledge the Lord has freed me from the misconception that I have to be perfect, to do everything right, to keep up with the world’s or even my own lofty standard. I align myself with the Scriptures, try to listen to the Holy Spirit’s prompting and accept His grace along the way.

That you had this type of freedom and peace is my highest wish. I have no greater honor in this life than speaking the incredible name of my Savior that others may love and honor Him, too.

You are welcome here…

Author: Katie

Welcome! I'm Katie. Here at Forging Iron Hearts, I will be sharing the experiences of our family here in our intentional community in East Texas. You will likely see occasional posts from my wonderful husband Kevin and the other Iron Heart families, as well.

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  1. Hey my NY friend,
    I love you and I am FOREVER grateful that God allowed our paths to cross and even be connected abit through church. You, Kevin and your kiddos bless me..
    I am thankful.
    Your article was SUPER!!!!
    Lisa Sanders

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