How to Make Your Own Milk Kefir the Slacker Way!

Milk Kefir the Slacker Way

Milk kefir is expensive, yo! And, sure, you could buy some grains, but if you’re like me, you’re going to accidentally kill them. Then you’re back to spending way too much buying it from the store. Orrrrr you can make it my way: the slacker way!!!

Milk kefir is super good for you. Even better than yogurt, if you can imagine. It’s got an impressive list of good-for-your-gut bacteria, enzymes and yeast. Probiotic superfood.


Now, we have been mispronouncing it for years. We were telling our friends that we culture this drink called KEY-FUR. Sweetly, our friends, who were missionaries to Russia – the country where this miracle bev can be traced back to – told us it’s pronounced KAY-FURRR. Note the rolling R.

I still say it my way.

Not on purpose.

Moving on…

Ingredients for Milk Kefir



That’s it.

How to Make Your Own Milk Kefir the Slacker Way!

The first thing you are going to need to do is pour 1 cup of milk out of the full gallon you just bought.

Maybe give it to your child who feels she is deprived of milk. It’s like a fix. A milk fix.

Make Kefir the Slacker Way!
Bedhead and a milk fix.

The next thing you need to do is shake the bottle of milk kefir.

I know it’s a real nuisance. (Seinfeld reference – not that I condone watching the show.)

Just shake it. Shake it well.

Make Kefir the Slacker Way!

Now, pour the kefir into the milk jug until it’s full again. (Remember the 1 cup you poured out?) I use the band as my gauge.

Make Kefir the Slacker Way!

Cap the milk jug, then just flip it upside down. You’re going to test how well you put that lid on.

You just want to mix that kefir throughout the milk.

Let the milk culture at room temperature over the next 24 hours, giving the jug another flip or two during that period.

You are now ready to pop it in the fridge unless you like it tart, in which case you would let it remain out for 8-12 hours more.

This Instagram pic shows just one delicious way to use milk kefir. Soooo yum!

If you haven’t done a second ferment, you should give it a try.

In a quart jar, pour in 1/4 cup orange juice and tablespoon of maple syrup. Fill the rest of the jar with kefir. Do another little flippy-flip. Let that sit, room temp again, for 8 hours. Give it a quick shake, pour and drink that orange dream down.

It’s easy, right? I told you – this is the slacker way… It’s also the frugal way.

The Cost breakdown
Make Kefir the Slacker Way!
That’s right – I did buy Pancakes on a Stick. Sanity saver for our busiest night of the week. No regrets.

1 gallon of whole milk is $1.49, without concerning ourselves with the 1 cup we gave to the milk junkie. 1 quart of low-fat kefir is $2.79, of which you’ll only use 1 cup, so $.6975.

$1.49 + $.70 = $2.19/ gallon of homemade kefir

$2.79 x 4 = $11.16/gallon of boughten kefir

Savings $8.97/gallon!!!

You can buy 1 quart of kefir and even opened it will last for months. When that is gone, you can use your homemade milk kefir as a culture. Extra savings.

My job here is done. Unless you’re interested in making your own yogurt???

Iron Heart Chief Editor Siggy

How do you drink your milk kefir?

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