From Straight to Curly: My Personal Journey and 5 Stats to Help You Achieve Permanently Curly Hair

From Straight to Curly: My Personal Journey and 5 Stats to Help You Achieve Permanently Curly Hair

Short answer for get curly hair permanently: A personal story and 5 statistics to help you achieve your dream guide for those considering a perm is not possible as permanent curls require chemical treatments. Consulting a professional stylist, knowing the risks, and maintaining regular upkeep can make obtaining long-lasting curls achievable.

5 Must-Know Statistics Before Considering a Perm for Curly Hair

Curly hair can be a blessing and a curse. Some days you wake up with bouncy, defined curls that turn heads everywhere you go. Other days? Well, let’s just say the term “frizzy mess” comes to mind.

One solution for taming those unruly locks is a perm. But before you make an appointment at your local salon, there are a few key statistics you should know about perming curly hair.

1. Perms Can Damage Your Hair
While perms may seem like a quick fix for achieving luscious curls, they can actually damage your hair in the process. Perming involves using chemicals to break down the natural structure of your hair and then reform it into a new shape.

This chemical process can leave your hair feeling dry, brittle, and prone to breakage if not done correctly or maintained properly after the treatment. Make sure to discuss potential long-term effects with your stylist beforehand so that both parties are on the same page about desired results and post-perm care routine.

2. The Perm Process Takes Time
A standard perm typically takes two to three hours from start-to-finish – which means clearing half of your day’s schedule! Plus (as we mentioning above) getting another haircut after completing symptoms tends to make things quicker & easier as well!

Plan ahead accordingly when scheduling an appointment since this time frame varies depending on how much curl or wave you desire/need (think loose beach waves vs ringlet curls). It may also take multiple sessions especially if going through mini trims between each one dawning longer stretches of growth between appointments!

3. Don’t Wash Your Hair Beforehand!
It might sound counterintuitive but washing seven days prior — ideal for most clients because adequate oil production allows procedures better chances at taking hold evenly throughout fresh grown strands readying themselves outwards naturally upwards away from any debris gathered around surrounding air particles!

Skipping shampooing until afterward helps ensure no oil buildup interferes with the perm’s process and minimizes any chances of your hair from getting damaged due to rough handling/scraping of scales.

4. Pay Attention To Your Hair Type
Curly-haired clients should be mindful when opting for a perm service – even though everyone wants gorgeous flowing manes! Similar (but not limited, naturally) mistakes include requesting super tight ringlets or curly hair re-styling on already tightly coiled textures!

Thicker, curlier hair types — require more work and will use solutions differently than people who have straight locks – meaning maintenance after treatment can differ depending on texture & desired outcome expectations by clientz.

In other words: Even if you want beachy waves like Gigi Hadid- it may just not take well to thick coarse sections that need an extra bit of gucci’izing.

Moral: Don’t expect anything drastic without careful consideration ahead-of-time about sustainability/ease-of-maintenance etcetera while styling/trimming/etc… let alone waiting around until permed curls grow out over time the moment their hardworking stylists get someone interested in change)

5. Get Ready To Adjust Your Daily Routine!
Perms aren’t low-maintenance styles but instead individuals with such needs must adjust what they do on a daily basis so newly acquired wavy-edged frizz stays under control (brushing hair regularly means less shedding and leads to fewer flyaways!).

As opposed-to free-style-textured lengths requiring minimal intervention besides rinse-day routines which help promote thicker curl formation overtime once broken-in properly adjusted after completing treatments using trusted methods alongside well-timed care practices supported throughout ones trip into permanent wave territory going forward!

Said maintenance includes things like deep conditioning treatments weekly or bi-weekly as needed based upon aforementioned individual considerations; refraining from heat-styling tools unless absolutely necessary; leaving enough room between stylings allowing at least 24 hours post-washing before any retouching options are applied to new style.

At the end of the day, perms can be a great option for achieving beautiful curls that last. However, it’s important to do your research before heading into the salon chair. By taking these statistics into account – from post-treatment care routines all the way up until daily maintenance necessaries thereafter – you’ll have an easier time deciding whether or not a curly-hair-perm is right for you (or someone else!).

Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving Permanently Curly Hair

Are you tired of straightening your hair every day or having to constantly curl it with a hot iron? Do you long for permanently curly locks that require little maintenance and stay bouncy and full of life all day long? If so, then this step-by-step guide is for you! With just a few simple but effective tips and tricks, you can achieve the curls of your dreams!

Step 1: Choose the Right Products

To start off with achieving permanently curly hair, selecting the correct products designed specifically for curly hair will make all the difference. Products like conditioner, shampoo, gel spray mousses etc.,that are enriched with natural oils such as coconut oil can give that extra boost to bring out those perfect ringlets. Using sulfate-free shampoos along side these products ensure healthy growth while still retaining hydrated moisture in tresses.

Step 2: Dry Your Hair Properly

Once you have prepped your leads with proper washing techniques using conditioners and shampoos catering towards curls, thoroughly drying should not be overlooked! After towel drying through scrunching motions leaving no amount of excess water apply heat protectant serum if you intend on blow-drying (otherwise easing back product build up may resort into frizziness). It is recommended to use diffuse attachments from blow dryers directly onto root area guiding downward motion instead creating upward airflow which untangles roots causing more harm than good.

Step 3: Use Rollers

Using rollers help considerably making sure those lovely curls last even longer. Separating reasonably sized chunks aided by leave-in curl defining creams act as wonderful chemical free solutions furthermore nourishing follicles deeply whilst securing shape around each roller separately maintained between fifteen-to-twenty minutes before releasing slowly leaving behind radiant cascading locks precisely carved & defined wallowing in golden shine!

Step 4: Maintain Curls Regularly

Taking care once popping them out it’s essential they stay put by adopting minimal heating appliances or other techniques causing flattening effects. Using applicator bottles filled with water & essential oils, halting those pesky flyaways whilst giving that vivacious bouncy volume without overusing the nozzle. Applying protective scarf before going to bed reducing abrasive movements caused by contacting with fabric reassuring the next morning curls still retaining optimum vitality.

In conclusion, these steps when followed correctly can achieve permanently curly hair like never before! Put down your irons and embrace your natural beauty for soft luminous tresses bouncing beautifully every time you step out leaving a perfectly unique lasting impression wherever you go!

Frequently Asked Questions about Getting a Perm for Curly Hair

Getting a perm for curly hair can be an excellent decision if you want to achieve that defined, bouncy curl look. However, like any beauty treatment, there are frequently asked questions surrounding the procedure. If you’re considering getting a perm or have already booked your appointment with your hairstylist but still have concerns and hesitations about it then we’ve got you covered! In this blog section, we will address the most common questions around perming curly hair so you’ll get all of the information and advice needed before taking the plunge.

What is a Perm?
A permanent wave (or “perm”) adds body and texture to hair by changing its natural shape through chemical processing. The process works by using chemicals to break down disulphide bonds in natural straight/tame or mildly wavy follicles. Once these bonds are broken on every single strand/kink of your hair, new ones are then re-formed into other shapes & sizes as desired/trendy spiral/curly looks.

Is Perming Harmful To My Hair?
Perming itself isn’t inherently harmful; however, it’s essential to consider how often one perms their locks because repeated treatments can damage strands over time since they involve applying neutralizers which tighten up/bond fresh conditioned keratin cuticles into stiff ringlets therefore affecting elasticity leading brittle tangles/splits in future months.

How Long Will My Perm Last?
The length of time your curls stay intact depends on various factors such as genetics/hair type but generally expect them last for 2-6 months depending on basic care regimes such as not overwashing/using heavy styling products etc while also treating well between appointments(e.g deep conditioning weekly). It is worth mentioning that aftercare varies from person to person due to differences mentioned earlier hence why some individuals’ curls may sustain longer than others’.

Can I Still Straighten My Hair After Getting A Perm?
Yes! You can absolutely straighten genetically-curly hair even after getting a perm. However, it’s important to note that applying heat/using flat irons too frequently can damage the hair further over time so if you’re going for a lasting curly look, then limit straightening as much was possible.

What Should I Do After Getting A Perm?
Aftercare is crucial in retaining healthy strands while prolonging curls life besides maintaining the optimal curl pattern achieved by specialists at your salon. Take care not to wash your hair immediately (wait 2-3 days before washing) and avoid using products containing sulfates/alcohol which could dry out and harm/break fragile follicles leading frizz and dullness or even losing shape of curls’ natural texture.

Can Perming Cause Allergic Reactions?
There have been rare cases where people experience allergic reactions due to the chemicals used during perming treatments affecting their skin thus advising an allergy test usually conducted either behind ears/in-the-neck area can give clearings on whether one would react with any bad symptoms though unlikely unless sensitive beforehand towards particular beauty/chrome substances

In Conclusion, perming is has become prominent among women across all ages/races as they love having permanent luscious defined curls without daily styling/hair maintenance hence why we’ve covered several questions about this treatment above. Have more concerns about perms? Don’t worry; our experienced hairstylists are always available to answer any questions fully from costs expectations through every step involved until post-perm tips on caring your new spirals!

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