Eating Well When You Can’t Afford To ~ Part 5

Eating Well When You Can't Afford To


In this series, we have been talking about eating well when you can’t afford to…

Let’s marry a thankful heart to the list of foods and use the tools and tips to maaaaake:

The Menu Plan


This is a simple list of how we most frequently use these ingredients (you know the ones we talked about in Part 2) even if some are totally obvious:

Beans/Lentils – ground beef/meat substitute, salad or side dish, snack (hummus), roasted for snacks or toppings Eating Well When You Can't Afford To

Cornmeal – cornmeal mush, fried cornmeal, cornbread, meat or veggie coating

Oatmeal – oatmeal, overnight oats, granola cereal, oat bars

White flour – tortillas, bulk baking mixes for breads, muffins, desserts or biscuits

Rice – main dish with beans, meat, vegetable, rice casserole, flavored side, non-gluten addition to soup, salad or even dessert

Spaghetti, thin – spaghetti, spaghetti pie  *only two because I try to stay away from using pasta that often, even when we’re broke*

Bread – sandwiches, toast, pizza boats or slices, bread side, croutons, egg dishes *I try to cut back on bread, but if I am honest it sneaks it’s way into our lives because it’s easy and delicious*

Eggs – fried, hard boiled, frittata, omelet, baking

Milk – yogurt, cooking, over granola *rarely for drinking*

Yogurt – topped with fruit or granola, overnight oats, smoothies, baking

Bananas – side, snack, smoothie, baked goods

Canned peaches, 100% juice – topping for yogurt, overnight oats, smoothie, baked goods, dessert

Raisins – topping for breakfast, baked goods, snack

Eating Well When You Can't Afford To

Cabbage, Green – stuffed cabbage soup with lentils, cabbage and ham dinner, cabbage, ham and potato soup, oven roasted as a side, salads

Carrots – used in main dishes and soups, regularly oven roasted, raw for snack

Celery – raw for snack, used in stock *we don’t prefer it cooked*

Lettuce, Iceberg – main dish salads, side dish salads, lettuce wraps, sandwich fixins

Onions, Yellow – main dishes, soups, sides, salads, sandwiches

Peppers, Green – main dishes and soups, side salads, fresh snacks

Eating Well When You Can't Afford ToPotatoes, Russets – main dishes as baked, hot or cold sides, snack as oven fries

Spinach – in dishes, salad, smoothie

Sweet potatoes – side, snack, smoothie, overnight oats, and baked goods

Tomatoes, canned – in dishes, sauces, salads, sides

Zucchini – side, raw snack, baked goods

Whole chicken – roasted to eat as is, pulled meat for casseroles, soups, salads, sandwiches, and carcass cooked down for stock

Chicken quarters – *when we’re really pinching, I have Kevin cut them into thighs and drumsticks so we have smaller portions* marinate and grill, roast, or slow cook

Smoked Ham/Picnics – slow cooked, cut into steaks, pulled for sandwiches, chopped for casseroles, soups, flavoring, and cook the bone down for stock

I am positive that there are more things we make or that can be made with these ingredients – the possibilities are enormous…

Eating Well When You Can't Afford To
This was the Instagram sneak peek of the freebie in progress.

Write it Down

You know that even if you have all these great meal ideas, but not written out, you will inevitably ask your family what they want to eat. Unless you can make pizza or “I don’t know” for every meal with these ingredients, you’re gonna want to write your plan down…

You know that even if you have all these great meal ideas, but not written out, you will inevitably ask your family what they want to eat. Unless you can make pizza or “I don’t know” for every meal with these ingredients, you’re gonna want to write your plan down…

I know how daunting planning it all out can be. Your time and brain power have to align. If we’re honest, that eclipse usually only seems to happen at the most inconvenient times. Like when you should be sleeping. Or when you are in the bathroom. Or when you are listening to your pastor’s sermon. Yikers.

To help you keep some of those times sacred, I pulled together a little something for you. I even spiffed it up with little stars on it, you know, ’cause it’s what we do in Texas. And I loooooove Texas.

Eating Well When You Can't Afford To

I was going to make just one week of meals (like the example above) but I thought back to my early days of meal planning. Then I thought you might be just as exhausted as I was then. So, I kept going and made 5 weeks of a menu plan.

A 5-week menu plan.

And it’s free.

I put hours of work into this, mama, because I want to bless you. I prayed over this plan, such as it is, and over your home.

You might be struggling financially or just overwhelmed with the tasks that our sovereign Lord has given you. Maybe you are just looking for a little extra something to keep your home running smoothly for the ones you love.

No matter the place you are in, friend, I pray that He would encourage your heart and that you would offer Him the sweetest praise because He is worthy.

So, subscribe below. I’ll send the menu plan freebie to your inbox and we can stay in touch.

Don’t be a stranger.

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