Introducing the Iron Heart Chief Editor


This is me, Katie. 

Nearly every time I start reading an article, post, or book, I have to stop midway to read about the author before resuming, whether it’s to find out what angle they’re coming from, if I agree with their view or to get a better feel of their trustworthiness.

I also have a quirky need to know if their face matches their writing voice.

All critical information.

So, for those like me, I write this page. Let us begin…

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Introducing Tracy, our Iron Heart Barista


Hey! Its me, Tracy, and this may be my best photo… ever.

As I considered writing this post and what it would be about, so many topics crossed my mind. All the topics. Since this is my very first blog post, I suppose I should introduce myself, my family, and our life stuff. Continue reading “Introducing Tracy, our Iron Heart Barista”