A Beginner’s Guide to Writing a Schedule

In the last couple posts I had been sharing a bit about scheduling (you can read them here and here.)

Because it was a game changer for us, we shared our simple blank schedule template.

I realize, in the beginning a blank template can seem overwhelming when trying to figure out all the things that must be done and how to cram it all in throughout the week. For encouragement and perhaps some inspiration, today I will share my schedule and tips on how to write it. Continue reading “A Beginner’s Guide to Writing a Schedule”

What To Do When the Plan Fails…

The last post was about how scheduling can give you a perfect life!!! Not really, but it seems like it for 5 minutes after you have that brand new, the-stars-have-aligned schedule!!! It might even feel nearly perfect on the first day with your fresh ambition to pull the rest of these slackers together and make their life better with your beautifully written plan! Continue reading “What To Do When the Plan Fails…”

How to Schedule Your ENTIRE Life (plus free printable!)

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I love tutorials with a million photos of a project from beginning to end, including random “meanwhile” photos. I love those trending recipe videos with their upbeat music and captivating condensed actions that give us unrealistic expectations that that lovely food can easily be made in 60 seconds. I love reading Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House series with her quaint descriptions of daily tasks. I ADORE getting the sense of accomplishment from watching Snow White whistle while she sweetly lures the animals into doing all the work for her: Continue reading “How to Schedule Your ENTIRE Life (plus free printable!)”