Homeschool Bible Class for Slackers

Struggling to find, maintain or like a Bible curriculum for your multi-age homeschool? Don’t function well in the morning, but still wanting to start your homeschool day off seeking His Word? This is for you: Bible class for slackers.

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The Advent Season Plan for Slackers…

Up until this year, besides the occasional paper chain or randomly acquired calendar,  we have not really made it a practice to observe the Advent season. This year that is all going to change… But in true slacker fashion: last minute, maybe a tiny bit late and real easy.

The Advent Season Plan

for Slackers

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Thanksgiving: A Homeschool Lesson Plan For Slackers

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I have people talking to me about Christmas presents and how their homes were decorated for Christmastime November 1st.

What?! I am still shocked that’s it’s November!

I haven’t yet planned anything for our Thanksgiving gathering and even less a Thanksgiving lesson plan. So, this is what I am going to do: slap this post together and then go send out a bunch of texts to the Iron Heart Mamas to plan The Compound’s Thanksgiving festivities…

So, here it is, friend. A little link-heavy, but well worth it.

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