Intentionally Living? You Might Be Doing it Wrong…

It would probably be no surprise to anyone that knows about our community that the title “living intentionally” might catch my eye. In reality, I tend to pass over those types of posts and look for those short recipe videos (y’all, I have a problem!) It wasn’t just the title that hooked me as much as the person that wrote that particular title. I knew that if Jill wrote it, it’s gonna be good and I needed to read it.

I was not wrong.

If ever there was a post you should read about intentional living, this is it.

Wednesdays with Jillene: living intentionally

Jill, states apart and the Lord still uses you to quiet my heart, soul and mind. Thanks, friend… ❤

Author: Katie

Welcome! I'm Katie. Here at Forging Iron Hearts, I will be sharing the experiences of our family here in our intentional community in East Texas. You will likely see occasional posts from my wonderful husband Kevin and the other Iron Heart families, as well.