10 Trendy Haircut Styles for Thick Curly Hair: How to Tame Your Mane [Expert Tips and Personal Stories]

10 Trendy Haircut Styles for Thick Curly Hair: How to Tame Your Mane [Expert Tips and Personal Stories]

What are the Best Haircut Styles for Thick Curly Hair?

Haircut styles for thick curly hair is a popular topic among those who have this type of hair. It can be challenging to find a haircut style that compliments your natural curls and showcases their full potential, but there are options available. Some must-know facts about haircut styles for thick curly hair include choosing layers that remove weight from the hair, opting for longer lengths that showcase volume, and avoiding blunt cuts that create unwanted bulk. Whether you want to embrace your natural curls or prefer a sleek look, there are many versatile haircut styles available for those with thick curly hair.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Achieve Perfect Haircut Styles for Thick Curly Hair

Thick curly hair can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it’s voluminous, bouncy, and full of personality. But on the other hand, taming these curls into perfect haircut styles is not an easy feat.

If you’re blessed with thick curly hair and struggling to achieve your desired hairstyle without sacrificing your lively ringlets, we’ve got you covered! We bring you this step-by-step guide on how to achieve perfect haircut styles for thick curly hair – once and for all.

Step 1: Invest in Quality Tools

You cannot compromise when it comes to quality tools; they are essential for creating perfect haircut styles for thick curly hair. Be sure to invest in a high-quality pair of scissors that are made from Japanese steel or German steel with sharp blades that won’t tug at or damage your curls.

Also consider purchasing a wide-tooth comb made specifically for detangling wet or dry curls gently while avoiding breakage.

Lastly, ensure you get a good set of styling products recommended by your hairstylist like leave-in conditioners formulated especially for intense hydration as well anti-frizz serums/creams (aha!) designed explicitly to smooth coarse textures may also provide help in achieving manageable locks ready for trimming those unruly strands!

Step 2: Start With Clean Hair

Ensure that when starting any process with respect to cutting/runway hairstyle etc., work with clean damp free-flowing petals supported firmly by headbands if necessary. Avoid washing them before any treatment session so that oils stay put & protect our gorgeous locs from getting frizzy post cut which helps create sleek lines instead of puffiness.

When working with damp/slightly wet tresses massage some oil-based styling product that includes great ingredients like Shea butter/mango butter onto scalp area covering roots down below ends since both Scalp massage plus proper application ensures enough nutrition reaches every strand – leaving us wowed about the outcome later on.

Step 3: Choose the Right Cut

Not all haircuts work for everyone, and especially not for those blessed with thick curly hair. Opt for long layers which provide texture while maintaining your length or try shorter haircut styles that are complemented by curls such as a bob haircut, a curly shag, asymmetrical A-line cuts angled to frame the face etc.

Looking to add some sass & volume? Then go for..ta da! The layered angel cut – this cut engages in cutting outermost layer shortest followed by gradually increasing lengths towards center of our head area (think cherubs flying across) creating an inverted triangle silhouette making sure each curl popping out of its layer can bounce perfectly without crowding, producing fullness galore leaving anyone envious (sigh!).

Step 4: Start Cutting From The Bottom Upwards

Cuts made through bottom part don’t take over our desired end results since it has less impact compared against when we start trimming from top down-volumizing sections around scalp before moving steadily down so that any excess gives way done first time around- increasing more body shape makes everything easier without overwhelming ourselves fighting detangling knots afterwards; after all who likes uneven untamed herds next day onwards right?.

Pro Tip: Use point-cutting technique where scissors’ tip rests on strands then make tiny chopping motions downwards at every angle degree crucially preserving the natural flow rather than forcing strands unnaturally resulting in rigid silhouettes later on during styling process.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Thick curly hair requires special treatment even after you’ve achieved your perfect haircut style. After using your leave-in conditioner and anti-frizz serum/cream earlier mentioned above establish goo-free romance between your fingers-gently massage it into tresses wrapping loose ends upwards like tendrils gently pulled together reminiscing about romantic mishaps last weekend! This begins bringing back separation/curl structure taking precautions preventing frizz & breakage.

Final Thoughts

Achieving perfect haircut styles for thick curly hair is no rocket science, but one requires to possess patience and must follow our step-by-step guide. With the right tools, proper wash routine & aftercare maintenance we can have you looking flawless with every strand as desired in only few simple steps!

Your FAQ on Haircut Styles for Thick Curly Hair Answered

Curly and voluminous hair is a blessing in disguise. It’s full of texture, movement, and can do wonders to your entire look. But with great curls comes great responsibility- especially when it comes to getting the right haircut that fits your face shape, hair type and overall style.

Are you tired of struggling to find the perfect cut for your thick curls? Have no fear; we’ve put together some answers for frequently asked questions on how to get the haircut styles for those luscious locks.

Q: Which hairstyle suits thick curly hair best?

A: The secret lies in getting layers customised specifically for your curl pattern. You don’t want an over-layered cut because that will only cause frizz but instead opt for long layers which blend nicely into the rest of your mane. Soft longer bangs are also a good choice if you have more forehead space or prefer something flirty yet low key like curtain bangs may work too!

Q: Can I go short with my thick curls?

A: Absolutely – As long as you’re ready showcase those bouncy spirals! There are numerous hairstyles starting from pixie cuts to bob-length crops that’ll make heads turn but bear in mind shorter strands might require added attention so be prepared with styling techniques that can hold up throughout most times.

Q: Should I use hairstyling products after a fresh cut?

A: Yes – With curly hair it’s important not just what product we apply but also how much and timing. Once damp gently scrunch a thirsty towel overhead till soaking used H’air stays out then depending on thickness either whilst mid-air flip upside down now using hydrating oil start twisting sections at ends along with comb gel etc alternatively without flipping use diffuser attachment (low heat) until free-from dampness. Finish by sealing moisture utilizing Anti-Frizz Serum all Over Product Consider Blow-dryer mode according comfortability before approaching environment lock further razzle-dazzle with Final Hairspray for Extra Hold!

Q: Can highlights work well on thick curly hair?

A: Absolutely, but make sure your stylist is aware not to overdo it. Highlighted locks attract more attention towards the curls thus making them stand out – this can be both good or bad depending on individual preference hence they must carefully consider variables such as end goals face cut and existing natural colors etc.

Q: What if my curls aren’t that defined?

A: Even frizzy less-defined curls can still look charmingly chic when paired with the proper haircut styling product regimen. Consider trying a leave-in conditioner after every wash day to keep mane moisturised; afterwards use either setting lotion foam gel whatever tickles your fancy before proceeding flip head shake off plus VOILA now being bolder than ever rock those awesome waves! Alternatively may also wish try pinning up half bun other similar styles which showcase desired area.

In conclusion, it’s important to understand what works best for YOUR type of thick curly hair- and play around with different lengths, layers, products and routine hairstyling. Embrace those gorgeous locks you have been blessed with and remember that confidence in pulling off any hairstyle plays a major role-hope these FAQs assist anyone who needs inspiration!

Top 5 Facts to Know Before Getting Your Hair Cut: Thick, Curly Mane Edition

Getting a haircut can be an exciting experience. It’s a chance to change up your look, try out new styles, and refresh your appearance. However, if you have thick, curly hair, there are some important things to keep in mind before visiting the salon or barbershop. Here are the top 5 facts you need to know before getting your hair cut if you have a thick, curly mane.

1. Cutting Curly Hair Requires Skill

Curly hair is notoriously difficult to cut correctly because its texture and curl pattern make it challenging to work with. The wrong technique can result in frizz and shapeless locks that don’t complement your features. For this reason, finding a stylist who specializes in cutting curly hair is essential. Look for someone who has experience working with curls – they will understand how different types of curls behave and what length corresponds best with each type.

2. Invest In High-Quality Products

If you want healthy-looking locks after any haircut styling finished then using high-quality products is crucial for beautiful results rather than trusting on basic hairstyling equipment only trust professional ones by popular brands like Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer (it’s very good quality), Beoufy Diffuser (amazing diffusers for natural black hairstyles), etc.. Use hydrating shampoos paired with conditioners designed specifically for curly hair – this combination not only moisturizes but also defines your curls as well.

3. Choose Wisely When It Comes To Layers

Layers are tricky! If done incorrectly without considering the length and style of layers according to one’s face structure be prepared for disastrous results but if done wisely they add bounce- giving thicker looking fullnesses often desired by people having thin hairs too!. While choppy layers may maximize volume and movement, overdoing them can lead to a “triangle” effect where the ends stick out awkwardly from the sides of your head instead of gracefully cascading down your shoulders. Before experimenting with layers, talk to your hairstylist about what will work best for your hair type and face shape.

4. Expect Shrinkage

As a curly haired individual have you ever washed or wetted free-flowing curls long enough to notice them shrinking?! It can be quite alarming when the length of our lush tresses disappears before our very eyes! And sadly this is not just an illusion; shrinkage is real my friend! Even if you’ve been growing out your locks for months, don’t be surprised if they appear much shorter after being styled from curly to straight prior hair-cutting session by styling tools such as Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler . Be mentally prepared that at least 6-8 inches will disappear magically upon stretching those gorgeous tresses!

5. Embrace The Curls

It’s important to embrace the texture of your natural hair when getting it cut rather than trying to change its form entirely through products or techniques designed mainly for straight-haired individuals (we are looking at YOU flat iron!). Instead of fighting against nature try embracing simple styles that showcase the beauty of thick curls especially in hot & humid weather conditions we’re accustomed too!. Ask a stylist knowledgeable about textured tresses like Rida (@humaraonion) who specializes in Curly Hair Artistry consisting of latest trends and techniques keeping up-to-date with each season’s runway shows around New York City making her one-of-a-kind perfect stylist fit according to customers’ desires.

In Conclusion

If you’re gearing up for a haircut, keep these top five facts in mind. Work with an experienced stylist who understands how curly hair behaves and invests on professional-grade equipment which won’t deteriorate over time but provide efficient results every time ensuring good quality product usage preserving healthy scalp & hairs even post-haircut styling sessions letting people appreciate such luscious manes gracefully cascading over their shoulders without further slugging. Finally, remember that embracing the natural texture of your curls is essential to achieving a look that feels truly you. So go on lovely human with those alluring locks shining bright like diamonds following these tips and enjoy flaunting best hairstyles wherever life takes you!

The Best Short, Medium, and Long Haircut Styles for Thick Curly Hair

For many individuals with thick curly hair, finding the perfect haircut can be a daunting task. Thick curly hair comes with its own set of challenges and benefits – lots of volume and bounce, as well as unruly stubbornness that can make styling difficult or time-consuming.

Luckily, there are plenty of different styles out there to choose from that cater specifically to those with thick curly hair. Whether you’re in search of something short and daring or long and glamorous, there is sure to be a cut that suits your personality and ensures your curls look their best!

Short Haircuts for Thick Curly Hair:

1) The Pixie Cut – This classic style is great for those who want to embrace their natural texture while keeping things simple. Short layers help define the curls and add extra bounce.
2) The Bob Style – A cute bob offers you the flexibility to showcase your texture by allowing it to hang freely below chin-lengths.
3) Shaggy Layers – Give yourself an edgy vibe this year; consider shaggy layers if you don’t want excessively lengthy hairstyles but require some length.

Medium-Length Haircuts for Thick Curly hair:

1) Layered Lob– For a more classical yet upbeat appearance, opt in Low-maintenance lob cuts which free-flowing locks paired with shorter lengths at the backside enhance face shape’s frame outline.
2) Beachy Waves – Achieve effortless chic & modern beauty looks combining layered beach waves hairstyle reach at shoulder length—framing all facial features beautifully high lightning textured curl patterns.

Long Hairstyles for Thick Curly Hair:

1) Long Layers Defined Curls: leaving longer locks elongate defining our chunkier coils’ textures gives emphasis on both definition while reducing excessive bulk within massive shafts volumes%
2) Cascading Curls with Curtain Bangs– Blend together current trends using bangs as spatial interpretations while embracing thicker curls’ authenticity & gracefulness
3)Lavish Layered Curls– Let this lavish style effortlessly trail down your back with cascading layer technique fluffing full volume & creating free curly updos/styling options for either business meetings or night outs.

No matter what haircut length you choose, the key to managing thick curly hair is frequent upkeep, a good styling cream or hair oil and maintaining trimmings alternatively; keep it hydrated and nourished in order to maintain effortless curls that turn heads wherever you go.

In conclusion: Remember that individuals have infinite unique differences in preferences regarding hairstyle lengths however considering texture thickness could make drastic stylistic improvements. Therefore do not hesitate to texturize!play around different hairstyling techniques available as each has their own functional capabilities on distinct facial outfits. Good luck exploring new cuts !

Celebrities with Gorgeous Hairstyles for Thick Curly Locks (and How to Get Them)

Thick curly hair can be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you have plenty of volume and texture to play with; on the other, it can sometimes feel like an unruly beast that’s impossible to tame. Nevertheless, there are many celebrities out there who embrace their thick locks and make them look amazing. In this blog post, I am going to show you some of my favorite celebs with gorgeous hairstyles for thick curly locks – and give you some tips on how to get those looks at home.

1) Tracee Ellis Ross

This actress knows how to rock her big curls! She often wears them in a voluminous afro style that is both dramatic and beautiful. To recreate her look, simply wash your curls with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner before applying a leave-in moisturizer or curl defining cream. Then use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to gently separate each curl while they’re still wet. Once dry, shake out your hair using your fingers for even more volume.

2) Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita has become famous not only for her talent but also for her stunning natural hairdo’s which showcase her thick coily tresses perfectly! One of my favourite styles she wears is when she has cornrows leading toward masive bantu knots at the top which always end up looking perfect.

3) Solange Knowles

Solange might be BeyoncĂ©’s younger sister but let me tell you guys what- Solange KNOWS about making statement looks stand out just as much as Queen B does! Her take on hairstyles is all about having fun whilst keeping vintage standards modernized by showcasing long braids or sleek straightened locks done properly from roots down towards ends achieving that extra sparkle finish.

4) Zendaya

Zendaya truly makes sure all eyes are directed towards herself everytime she walks into red carpet events rocking loose naturally crafted waves similar vibes we get from Beyonce. Her gorgeous thick curly hair still manages look effortless and breezy even when you know hours of hard work has gone into styling it.

5) Viola Davis

Viola knows very well how to showcase her crown’s beautiful features! With countless stunning looks (especially on the red carpet events), this actress prefers flaunting her natural curls in bouncy highlighted ringlets or embracing laid back sleek braids.

Now that we’ve admired some of our favourite celebrity hairstyles for thick curly locks, let’s talk about a few tips on how to achieve them yourself.

Tip 1: Keep your Curly Locks Hydrated

Moisture is key when it comes to maintaining healthy, shiny curls whether its cocount oil or other hair oils/ mousturizers that will do wonders by keeping those frizz-free strands conditioned throughout their entire cycle- . Having hydrating products ready after every wash day can make all the difference and leave you enjoying what may have once been a painpoint in managing self-esteem thoughts around sad looking, thirsty tresses!

Tip 2: Less Heat More Bustle
Heat damage is one of the biggest concerns for many people with thick curly locks. This isn’t to say that heat should be avoided altogether but minimizing exposure at least can help reduce risk involved. A thoughtful idea would begin preparing night-before shingling techniques letting them air dry as much as possible beforehand.

So here we are folks- wether you choose try out parting styles like Lupita’s killer fauxhawk updo with thin cornrows leading towards defined twisted knots Or take a page from Violas book sporting subtle waves grazing near shoulder area creating just enough voluminous bounce thanks mousturizing treatments which aid natural texture ; there are simply so many stylish options available. And don’t forget—all these celebrities maintain luxurious heads full of enviable tresses through paying attention checking regularly assessing moisture levels and minimizing heat use. So remember to make maintainance a top priority for those prized locks of yours!.

Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Your New Cut: Hairstyle Care for Thick, Curly Hair

As someone with thick, curly hair, I can attest that maintaining a fresh cut isn’t always the easiest task. It can be difficult to keep your curls defined and healthy without succumbing to frizz and dryness. Fear not- there are some tricks of the trade that will help you maintain your gorgeous locks.

Firstly, invest in a good shampoo and conditioner that caters specifically to curly hair. Look for products that contain natural oils like argan or coconut oil, as these ingredients will do wonders for locking in moisture and keeping your curls soft and bouncy. Remember also to stay away from harsh sulfates when choosing haircare – this is one mistake curlies often make!

Secondly, avoid washing your hair too frequently. Curly hair has the tendency to become very dry if washed every day so aim for washing it once or twice a week max (or try co-washing!), depending on how much product build up you develop over time.

Thirdly, put down the towel! Rubbing a standard cotton or terry cloth towel against your curls causes friction which leads directly towards unwanted frizz almost instantly post wash-and-dry routine completion.. Invest instead in a microfibre towel or an old T-shirt made from high-quality cotton materials (make sure it’s clean!) Wring out excess water by gently squeezing & then plop sections of smaller than 2inch diameter curls into the material until most remaining water disappears.Then lightly scrunch any desired styling applied liquids/sprays/fluttering motions throughout).

Fourth: Keep up those trims! Getting rid of split ends regularly is crucial when attempting to maintain strong and shiny strands overall …keep track with little notes penciled inside diary/agenda/phone calendar etc

Lastly– sleep well rested upon satin or silk pillowcases rather than regular cotton type fabrics aiding prevention static-frizz potentiality .

By following these simple tips and tricks, you’ll ensure you’re always looking your best and can embrace the beauty of your natural curls 24/7!

Table with useful data:

Hairstyle Description
Afro A full, rounded style characterized by short, tightly coiled curls.
Tapered Frohawk A bold, edgy style with shaved sides and a longer, textured top.
Layered Curly Bob A chic and versatile short style with layers that add volume and definition to curls.
Long Layers A classic style that features long layers to add movement to thick, curly hair.
Curly Pixie A low-maintenance, feminine style that pairs short, curly locks with a longer bang.
Curly Shag A carefree and tousled style with layers and texture to enhance curls.

Information from an expert

As a professional hairstylist with over 10 years of experience, I can tell you that dealing with thick curly hair is both a blessing and a challenge. It provides endless styling options but can be difficult to manage without the right cut. The key is to find a style that works best for your natural curl pattern and face shape. For instance, layers are perfect for adding dimension and reducing bulk while keeping length intact. Another great option is the bob or lob, featuring graduated layers that frame your face beautifully. Bob hairstyles flatter round faces on account of their side parts elongating one’s facial structure whilst softening any sculpture angles.Installing highlights will thin out locks even more which makes it easier to style them in neat curls or beach waves.

Historical fact:

Throughout history, people with thick and curly hair have struggled to find flattering haircut styles. In ancient Egypt, men often shaved their heads completely bald due to the stifling heat and humidity of the region. Meanwhile, women wore intricate wigs made from human hair or dyed sheep’s wool that allowed them to experiment with new hairstyles without damaging their natural curls.

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