10 Stunning Long Curly Hair Hairstyles to Try Today: A Personal Story and Expert Tips [2021 Guide]

10 Stunning Long Curly Hair Hairstyles to Try Today: A Personal Story and Expert Tips [2021 Guide]

What is Long Curly Hair Hairstyles?

Long curly hair hairstyles are styles specifically designed for naturally or artificially curly tresses that extend past the shoulders. The most popular looks include bouncy curls, loose waves, and spiral ringlets often styled with layers to add depth and volume. Additionally, long curly hairstyles can be braided into elegant updos or accessorized with headbands and clips to create a personalized look.

How to Style Long Curly Hair Hairstyles for a Stunning Look

Long curly hair can be intimidating, but with the right know-how and product selection, your curls can become your best accessory. Whether you want to rock more defined ringlets or tousled waves, we have got you covered!

Here are some of our stylist-approved hairstyles for long curly locks:

1) High Bun: A high bun is a no-brainer hairstyle that works surprisingly well with naturally curly hair. Use bobby pins to tuck any loose ends in place and tease out strands around your face for extra volume.

2) Half-Up/Half-Down Style: Showcase those luscious curls by pulling them back into a half-up/half-down style. Use small clear elastics so as not to disrupt the natural shape of your curls.

3) Braids Galore: Opting for braids adds some variety to your hairstyle repertoire while keeping your curls intact. Try fishtail braids or Dutch braids – both look especially fabulous on voluminous wavy/curly hair types.

4) The Classic Ponytail : Keep it simple yet chic by creating a classic ponytail around mid-height so that the curl texture still gets seen. Secure it tightly with an elastic band at the base of the head while leaving enough wiggle room near your temples, allowing free-spirited tears to frame up softly.

5) Headscarf Magic : Give some much-needed love’n’care hydration time off from all common heat styling tools such as blow-dryers , hot irons chemically-treated substances after this swerving fashionable protective-style trick – wrap your freshly cleansed & conditioned/co-washed aftros in silky smooth shiny headscarfs!. Not only do they add pizzazz visual popper layering styles when tied exclusively every other day slightly above forehead wrinkles; but, they also protect your beloved luscious curls from the scorching sun rays.

To ensure those curly tresses remain bouncy and defined:

– Use sulfate-free, moisturizing shampoo & conditioner. The Curly Girl Method is a great place to start if you’re curious.
– Apply some leave-in conditioner or light curl cream in wet hair to tame any frizz and lock in nourishment.Misteriors Curl Quench Hair Oil for natural oily hydration with enriched essential antioxidants vitamins being an excellent choice
– Avoid using brushes and instead opt for wide-tooth combs while detangling damp hair gently without causing breakage (especially near the ends).
– Pineapple it at night! Gather all of your curls high onto the head as one large ponytail secured with a satin scrunchie helps reduce friction during sleep resulting in more preserved bounce.

In conclusion, long curly hair can be styled into many gorgeous hairstyles that show off their texture beautifully. Ensure you follow this maintenance guide consistently so that these styles aim even better overtime!

Stay fabulous {wink}

Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving the Perfect Long Curly Hair Hairstyle

Long curly hair is one of the most iconic looks in the world of hairstyling. It exudes both beauty and confidence; it’s playful yet elegant, effortless yet sophisticated.

However, achieving these curls takes a bit more effort than just letting your locks air dry or running them through with some curling iron. But don’t worry! With this step-by-step guide, you can get that beautiful long curly hairstyle that you deserve!

1. Start by preparing your hair

Before anything else, make sure to prep your locks for styling.

Firstly, apply some leave-in conditioner all over your wet or damp hair. This will help keep it moisturized and healthy-looking throughout the day. Also, comb or brush out any tangles using a wide-toothed comb or detangling brush without causing breakage.

2. Section Your Hair

To ensure that every strand gets curled evenly use clips to section off each part accordingly since having very dense hair makes applying consistent heat difficult which sometimes may result into uneven curls formation.

3. Apply Curl Cream/ Mousse

Once done sectioning, lightly run a small amount (A coin size should suffice dependent on amount of sections) of good quality curl cream/mousse gel using fingers through each section starting from roots down towards tips before proceeding to roll up with rollers ensuring not to forget about much smaller areas like edges .The usage process could be repeated dependant on how intense you want extra hold for eventual results desired.

4.Curl Those Locks

Now comes the fun part – time to start curling!

Use medium-sized hot rollers instead of slim ones as they allow longer-lasting tendrils paired with volume rather than tight ringlets clumped together overall.you also have different types such as ceramic coated ones,magnetic rounded options so choose what works best for you based on personal preference.by working technique yourself requires slowly rolling around pieces while holding onto ends securely making sure fully heated up opposed to just being warmed up.

5. Finishing Touches

Once you are done curling your hair with hot rollers, let them set for at least 15 minutes before taking them down to achieve bouncy beachy or a fuller look. Once taken out all the various clips,gently loosen and separate each one further into smaller coil sections.This is an important part since it helps break up those curls giving more defined feel plus increased volume!. For extra hold, use any setting spray such as hairspray but focus on roots only so this is not prone to be tacky upon application.

And that’s about it! By following these steps properly and investing in quality products like leave-in conditioner, curl cream/mousse gel,hair rollers etc.,you can surely achieve long curly hairstyle of your dreams while also ensure its longevity throughout day irrespective of humidity levels . Start experimenting and find the perfect style for yourself.

Long Curly Hair Hairstyles FAQ: All You Need to Know

Long curly hair can be a blessing and a curse all at once. It’s luxurious when it behaves, but on days when you’re running late or have no idea how to style it, the curls might feel like unmanageable chaos.

If you’re currently struggling with long curly hair yourself, don’t worry! This post will cover everything you need to know about hairstyles for long curly hair.

Without further ado, here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding styling your luscious curls:

Q: How often should I wash my curly hair?
A: The frequency of washing depends on your specific scalp and curl type. Generally speaking, wash them at least twice per week – this allows natural oils to nourish the scalp without creating too much buildup that could weigh down your strands. However, if you sweat heavily during workouts or live in an area with extreme humidity conditions that get constant exposure to pollution then rinsing off daily is good advice.

Q: Should I brush my curls?
A: Brushing dry curls causes breakage – save comb through’s for only wet/conditioner-strewn ringlets so they’ll stay clump-enough for air-drying waves otherwise treat with soft detangling brush not synthetic bristle types which snatch/fizzle up tangles into more tangling!

Q: What kind of products work best for curly hairstyles?
A: Experiment with different leave-in conditioners/detanglers suitable especially formulated for kinky/coarse texture such as natural oil blends containing argan,cocoanut or tea tree essences also using stronger holds/gels can help keep lock pattern secure while spraying roots/slower growth over time ensures overall healthy bounce flexibility despite rainy/sweaty weather

Q: How do I sleep in ways that won’t mess up my curls overnight?
A: Plop (use microfiber cloth turban before piling coils/lowered head reaching front/back neck lines/crown of your scalp onto cushy surface) for quicker dry times/scrunchie or silk scarf setting work wonders when you need to keep roots in place securely overnight without tumbledown fiascos from blankets/pillows!

Q: Should I cut my curly hair into layers?
A: Layers add texture and dimension but too many can create triangle effect beware over-thinning strands causing floppiness unless it’s managed quite skillfully. Cutting into a V-Shape at the back ensures more curl weight is bottom-heavy, lessening length loss overall.

Q: How do I style updos with curly hair?
A: Loose French braids/twists wrapped around temple/lower nape region pinned down tight keep ringlets under control,staple frizzy front bits with tiny bobby pins keeping coil loops intact naturally while also lifting off forehead/sides ensuring freedom breathing room as well looks elegant/chic all day long!

In conclusion,long curly hair never needs to be boring again after reading this blog post! Now that you know how to answer these FAQs regarding washing frequency, brushing technique, best products, nighttime care,suitable layering options,and creative updo suggestions – so go forth confidently flaunting those luscious curls!

Top 5 Facts About Long Curly Hair Hairstyles That You Didn’t Know

Long curly hair is often considered as a symbol of beauty, but there are many fascinating facts about hairstyles for long curly hair that you might not realize. Whether you’re someone who has naturally curly locks or prefer to curl your hair daily, read on to discover the top 5 surprising and interesting facts about long curly hairstyles.

1. Curly Hair Is Different from Straight Hair

While it may seem obvious that curls look different from straight hair, there’s actually more to it than just appearance alone. According to scientists, the structure of each individual strand of curled or wavy hair is unique compared to straight strands. The cuticle layer (the outermost part of the hair shaft) in curly strands contains multiple layers twisted around one another like a rope – this makes curls more prone to frizzing because moisture can get trapped within the twists.

2. Curls Can Have Multiple Textures

Not all curls are created equal! In fact, even if two people have similar lengths and shapes of their natural curls or waves – their textures may differ greatly. This means understanding what type of curl pattern your locks have –like loosely defined ‘S’ shape curls versus spirals with springy coils –can help determine which styling techniques and quality products suit best- for keeping them looking fabulous.

3.Long Curly Hairstyles Require Unique Care

Caring for long curly tresses entails much more than simply shampooing and conditioning regularly; attention must be paid when detangling, combing-thru wet tangles without doing any harm , applying appropriate leave-in conditioners, gentle scrunches at good intervals while air-drying( no touching!), using heat protectant products before styling tools come near near.. Choosing materials- such as combs made specifically for detangling along with satin pillowcases helps minimize breakage too!

4.Curly Styles Come in Countless Varieties

From updos pinned back away from faces,resembling Hollywood Glamour age yet elegant and chic, to floral braids and pretty ponies to wild mermaid-inspired waves.. There are countless styles for long curly hair. Experimentation is key when searching for new ways of showcasing those beautiful rings & coils.

5.Confidence Is Key

Perhaps the most important fact about any hairstyle -particularly one such as long, bouncy curly locks is that confidence truly matters! Wearing what makes you happy and exuding self-assuredness can make even the simplest style look strikingly stylish. So embrace your curls, rock them with pride, stand tall… And demonstrate why lush cascading curls or delightfully twisted tight ringlets never go out of style 😊

Inspiring long curly hair hairstyles for every occasion

Long curly hair is one of the most striking and glamorous hairstyles out there. It’s a look that can be both effortless and chic yet totally dramatic all at once. If you’re lucky enough to have naturally curly locks or if you’ve taken the plunge and opted for a perm, then read on for some amazing hairstyles inspiration that will perfect your gorgeous curls no matter what occasion.

1) Romantic Updo

For those days when you simply want to let it all hang loose but still want to show off your luscious curls, an elegant updo is just what you need. This romantic hairstyle will soften any angular face shape while framing it beautifully with its cascading layers of curls. There are many ways in which this style can be achieved; either tie back the top layer leaving long ribbons to frame your face or twisting sections from each side into an elaborate bun at the nape of the neck.

2) Bouncy Ponytail

A ponytail never has to be boring! A bouncy ponytail takes minutes to achieve, but looks fabulous with minimal effort involved – great for modern-day large events where time might not always be on our side. Add height by teasing hair at roots before taming into ponytails securing high atop your head using elastics wrapped around several times creating fullness without compromising elasticity due limited wrapping resulting in discomfort quite often seen after strenuous activity.

3) Beachy Waves

Beachy waves don’t necessarily only belong whilst walking along shorelines- they work incredibly well as every day wear too! To get beachwaves avoid using heated styling tools such as straighteners/ curling tongs ,instead separate dampened towel dried hair in wide sections . Let curls air dry while scrunching them lightly allowing their natural wave pattern or utilise creams sprays gels setting locs better with little hold so as not weigh down texture altering dents already made by finger prints during initial setting !

4) Elegant Half-up Do

When going for a formal look, nothing compares to an elegant half up do as it offers instant sophistication. Pick the top layers of your hair curl them with heat tools creating loose flowing waves that pass over shoulder obtaining volume without losing curls texture resulting in final effect where whole style cascades down curled locks.

5) The High Bun

High buns are always on-trend and perfect option when aiming to take control of tangled wild toussles. This smooth look gives off a clean impression instantly ensuring you’ll never needs fussing about flyaways escaping from its sleekness whilst maintaining chic vibe all day long without worry . By adding extra volume at crown prior to twisting into ballerina bun/ whirl making sure its fasteners maintain strong hold which eliminates need checking every few minute- And poof! You’re good start conquering the office or even rule date night!


Long curly hair is beautiful and versatile, offering you numerous creative ways to style your lovely tresses no matter what occasion arises. Whether attending work functions, heading out dinner dates, putting together bridal parties or hitting the beach , experiment until finding styles fit like gloves while allowing personalities come through each ones beauty enhancing their appeal amongst others too!. Don’t be afraid trying new things mixing modern elements within time houned classical looks developing own signature hairstyle combating boredom keeping follicle roots healthy overall boosting self esteem – now isn’t that something worth celebrating?

Recommended Products and Tools for Easy Maintenance of Long Curly Hair Hairstyles.

Long curly hair can be both a blessing and a challenge. While it looks stunning, maintaining it requires effort, time, and the right products/tools. Without proper care, long curly hair can become dry, frizzy and unmanageable quickly.

If you’re struggling with your curls or don’t know where to start regarding maintenance tools & products for styling long curly hairstyles, we’ve got you covered! Here are some recommended items that will make caring for your lovely tresses much easier:

1) Wide-tooth Comb: This type of comb is essential when detangling wet curly hair without causing any breakage or damage. Always start from the ends of your hair and work upwards gently!

2) Microfiber Towel/ T-shirt wrap: Ditch those rough cotton towels as they cause friction on textured curly strands which leads to unnecessary breakage/frizz. Instead use one specially designed microfiber towel/T-shirt wrap – this reduces absorption so as not to disrupt the curl pattern while soaking up excess water.

3) Deep Conditioner/Mask: To maintain healthy-looking curls with luster all year round invest in deep conditioning/masks treatments once per week depending on the texture/moisture level of your locks . For best results follow instructions carefully; many formulas require heat to penetrate deeply into each strand root to tip further saturate via hot shower cap/bonnet dryer combo.

4) Diffuser Attachment for blow-dryer: No matter how skilled we may seem at air drying our natural locks sometimes life doesn’t allow enough time therefore purchasing diffusers – decreases overly concentrated direct airflow speeds up drying by distributing warm harsh over less area better overall control .

5) Silk Pillowcase/Bonnet Cap (Sleep Aids): As mentioned earlier traditional cotton fabrics absorb moisture out of coils leading them brittle/severely tangled upon waking adding silk pillowcases/bonnets save essentially sleeping good night rest without consistently triggered morning routine touch-ups .

6) Refreshing Spray: After a long day, hairstyles don’t always remain intact. Keep refreshing spray handy in your purse for anytime touch-ups without water-lessening frizz and shaping curls back to divine spread.

In conclusion, these tips combined with finding what individual technique/products work best for you will showcase the most fabulous healthy-looking long curly hair! Don’t forget that behind every head of fantastic flowing locks stands an arsenal of products/tools diligently tried over time until discovering what works specifically…and just like fine wine it only gets better with age (practice)!

Table with useful data:

Hairstyle Name Description Difficulty Level
The Braided Crown A braided updo where the braids are woven around the top of the head to create a crown-like effect. Intermediate
The Half-Up, Half-Down A simple style where the top half of the hair is pulled back and secured while the rest remains loose. Beginner
The Twisted Bun A low bun created by twisting and pinning sections of the hair. Intermediate
The Waterfall Braid A braid that cascades down the side of the head like a waterfall. Advanced
The Messy Bun A casual bun created by pulling the hair back and twisting it into a messy knot. Beginner

Information from an Expert

As a long-time expert in the field of hairdressing, I have witnessed countless styles come and go. However, one style that never goes out of fashion is long curly hair. With its versatility and natural beauty, there are endless possibilities for styling your luscious locks. Whether you prefer big bouncy curls or tight ringlets, there is a style to suit every occasion. From casual beachy waves to elegant updos with intricate twists and braids, long curly hair offers an abundance of options for those who like to experiment with their look. As an expert hairstylist myself, I highly recommend this style for anyone seeking both glamour and comfort all in one hairstyle.

Historical fact:

Long, curly hair was a popular hairstyle during the Victorian era in England, and women often used heated irons or chemical solutions to achieve the desired look. However, for men it was considered fashionable to keep their locks short and neat until the emergence of 20th-century hippie counter-culture.

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