10 Cool Hairstyles for Curly-Haired Guys: A Story of Taming Unruly Locks [Expert Tips Included]

10 Cool Hairstyles for Curly-Haired Guys: A Story of Taming Unruly Locks [Expert Tips Included]

What are cool hairstyles for curly hair for guys?

Hairstyle Description
Tapered Curls with Faded Sides Cut short on the sides and back, curls are left longer on top to create a contrast of lengths. This creates a more defined look without sacrificing volume.
Messy Curly Quiff The messy curly quiff epitomizes effortless style. Keep your locks medium-length, some texture-catching product like sea salt spray or mousse; defining individual strands as they fall into place.
Fade with Defined Curls: If you’re looking to keep things trendy yet classic, this is the hairstyle for you! A fade haircut pairs perfectly with defined curls creating an equalizing effect between preppy and street styles!

Cool hairstyles for curly-haired men serve the dual purpose of making them visually appealing while boosting confidence in their appearances. Tapered curls with faded sides offer length variation that preserves lively, voluminous tendrils without diminishing curls’ definition. Messy curly quiffs work well by adding textural allure and emitting an air of laissez-faire charm, while fades combined with either slick backs or pompadours boast elegance inspired by vintage fashion choices enthused by nuanced modernity.

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How to Achieve Cool Hairstyles for Curly Hair for Guys: Step-by-Step Guide

Curly hair is often considered a blessing and a curse all at once. While it adds texture, volume, and personality to your locks, maintaining the perfect look can be quite challenging for guys with curly tresses.

Thankfully, there are several cool hairstyles that you can try out as long as you know how to manage them properly. Here’s our step-by-step guide on achieving awesome hairstyling for curly-haired guys:

Step 1: Know Your Hair Type
Before we begin exploring some exciting hairstyle options, it’s essential first to understand what type of curls you have—whether they are coils or tight ringlets or wavy loose locks in between. This understanding will help to choose the best styling products for your waves.

Step 2: Hydration Is Key
Healthy hydration is crucial when managing curls; it starts from using conditioner while washing up your hair—the ideal one would provide moisture boost and nourishment while locking in nutrients into each strand. Note that shampooing too frequently may strip the important natural oils from tresses causing damage over time.

Step 3: Find The Right Styling Products
After knowing which types of curls suit best with specific ingredients set out searching for good-for-curly-hair hair products gels/waxes/sprays + more! These formulations typically aim to add a defined style but without leaving any crispy residues & keeps hairs bouncy throughout the day!

Step 4: Embrace The Curl And Try Out Different Hairstyles
If you want thick curly hairs flowing naturally down on face then comb over maybe an excellent option for trying something different. If looking neat & sharp , slick back styes could rock everyone’s attention without much fuss- Quiff being top-rated recently among men preferring vintage vibe hairstyles…Or adding same-length layers around head (frame) depending on preference?

One famous curlicue cut involves short choppy layers ensuring versatility exist trendy tousled fringe.. Even though discovering a style hint that suits your curls takes time and experimentation, try experimenting with multiple looks until you finally found one best suited to your facial features.

Step 5: Seek Professional Help
If you’re still unsure about which haircut would suit your face shape or how to maintain a particular hairstyle, don’t be afraid to seek professional help. Do some research & find the most reputed salons around – ensure they have hairstylists experienced in styling curly hair (curly hair requires extra attention!) before you book an appointment either online through social media/

In conclusion achieving cool hairstyles for curly hair guys might seem challenging initially but following our step-by-step guide can turn this into a manageable task. Understanding your waves texture through hydration, using suitable products, embracing curl and trying out various styles all whilst seeking professional advice will pave the way towards head-turning dapper look!

Frequently Asked Questions about Cool Hairstyles for Curly Hair for Guys

Guys with curly hair often find it challenging to style their locks. It’s not always easy to create a look that complements your face shape, fits the occasion, and matches your personality. Nonetheless, styling your curls shouldn’t be tedious or frustrating if you know how to work with them.

If you’re looking for cool hairstyles for curly hair for guys, this blog post is for you. We’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about curl-taming hairstyles and provided witty and clever explanations so that you can slay those curls like a pro!

1) What are some trendy but practical hairstyles for men with curly hair?

One great option is an undercut haircut – long on top and short at the sides – which will allow your curls have enough texture while minimizing bulk around ears and neck region.

Another popular hairstyle could be messy waves parted on one side giving sultry vibe suitable for any casual event or daily routine basis.

2) Can I use gel or other hairstyling products without damaging my curls?

Yes! Gel or mousse should only be applied when damp. Apply these control products sparingly on wet hair before blow-drying using diffuser attachment, as excess application of such product might weigh down strands making them fall flat overtime.

3) How do I deal with frizz caused by humidity?

Men who experience unruly kinks/ twists & tangles especially during humid weather cycle in home territory/holiday need styling tools tailored towards keeping moisture levels under control—like coconut oil-based leave-in conditioner—while others prefer controlling spritz containing antifrizz ingredients formulated just right to reduce excessive heat damage from high-stress equipment such as straighteners providing best results out there throughout thick toned mane sections alike whilst maintaining quiff goals unparalleled possible!

4) What kind of accessories can I rock alongside my curls?

For starters try adding accessories like beads made up of natural materials like wood/acrylic layered angular-cut beaded earrings or headbands. The key is to keep things relatively simple in terms of design while being mindful that these pieces complement your overall aesthetic – while keeping the look chic with an edgy feel, it won’t be a problem.

5) Can I wear my curly hair in a man bun?

Absolutely! Many men choose to put their curls up in a man bun for practical reasons, as well as fashion choices. Simply gather your strands at the crown of your head and tie them into either top knot/braided bun adding accessories such as clip-ins etc., or Notably polished edges would also add more character giving neat trim and tidy finish throughout thick/curly locks!

In summary, hairstyle for curly-haired guys can have no boundaries given options available out there on point ranging from maintaining frizz-free texture to rock solid bold impressions coupled with e-boy inspired styles elsewhere one needs not worry if they’ve perfect lengthier mane when creating versatile looks! So whether you’re going for casual or formalistic setting, now you know some cool hairstyles that will make heads turn – literally. Stay wild and always experiment;)

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know about Cool Hairstyles for Curly Hair for Guys

1. Embrace your curls!

The first fact you need to know about cool hairstyles for curly hair is that you should embrace your curls! Don’t try to force them into straight styles or hide them under hats. Curly hair can be incredibly sexy and stylish when styled correctly, so don’t underestimate its power.

One of the best ways to embrace your curls is by getting a layered haircut that accentuates their natural shape. You can also experiment with different lengths and textures – short curls on top with faded sides are particularly trendy right now.

2. Moisture is key

Curly hair tends to be dry and frizzy, so keeping it moisturized is crucial if you want it to look good. Make sure you’re using products specifically designed for curly hair (look for ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil) and avoid washing too often, as this can strip away natural oils.

Deep conditioning treatments are also a great way to keep your curls healthy and bouncy. Apply a rich mask once or twice a week and leave it on for at least 20 minutes before rinsing out thoroughly.

3. Get creative with accessories

Another fun aspect of styling curly hair is experimenting with accessories! With its volume and texture, curly hair can handle all sorts of playful additions like headbands, bandanas, hats or even feathers- just make sure they match well with whatever outfit you’re going for.

4. Try out textured pomades

Pomade is an essential styling tool in any guy’s bathroom cabinet, but not all types work well on curly hair due to their greasy nature making strands appear stringy rather than bouncy.. Look no further than “texturizing” versions which were made specifically made for coarser manes such as yours! These formulas help define individual curls while boosting hold without adding weightiness unlike other orthodox stylers; giving sufficient control of flyaways instead achieving definition & personality from within.

5. Have fun with colors

Finally, don’t be afraid to have some fun with color! Whether you’re going for a full head of highlights or just adding a pop of color here and there via temporary ‘wash-out’ toners, bright colors can really make your curly hairstyle stand out.

Just remember that not all hair types work well with bleach so consult with an expert first before taking risks with possible damaging techniques.

In summary, these are the top five things you need to know about cool hairstyles for guys with curly hair: embrace your curls, keep it moisturized, try out accessories & textured pomades , experiment and play around! With this knowledge in hand everything from wash day routines to experimentation will now become more enjoyable rather than stressful allowing those tresses free reign and confidence.

The Best Products and Tools for Styling Cool Hairstyles for Curly Hair for Guys

Curly hair is a gift but it can also be a struggle if you don’t have the right products and tools for styling cool hairstyles. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best ones out there to make your life easier, your curls bouncier and – dare we say – more fabulous!

1) Leave-In Conditioner: This product should be your holy grail when it comes to managing curly hair. A good leave-in conditioner will hydrate and nourish your locks while defining those curls and taming frizz. Look for ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil or argan oil which will not only moisturize but protect from damage too.

2) Styling Cream/Gel: In order to shape that perfect hairstyle, you’ll need either a cream or gel depending on how thick or dense your curly mane is. If you have fine hair then opt for something light weight while thicker textures can go with heavier gels so they hold in place throughout the day.

3) Wide-Tooth Comb/Detangler Brush: The golden rule when brushing through curls is never use regular bristle brushes as these tend to break up natural curl patterns leading to unwanted volume and frizz. Instead invest in wide-tooth combs/detangler brushes that gently work through knots leaving the curl structure intact.

4) Diffuser Attachment For Hair Dryers: Air drying might seem convenient but often leads to uneven waves/curls- especially for guys with longer strands! To avoid this issue try using a diffuser attachment specifically designed for people with curly type hair; just remember aim with low heat settings so you’re not frying those precious locks!

5) Silk Pillowcase: Say goodbye to bed head by switching from cotton sheets/pillowcases over silk ones instead- as Cotton absorbs moisture therefore increasing risk of tangling/frizziness whilst sleeping compared against their smoother counterparts.

So there you have it.. our top recommendations at achieving remarkable hairstyles for your curly hair! Hoping these above will make your unruly manes hassle-free and stylish in no time. Trust us, with the right products and tools you’ll be running fingers through those bouncy curls soon enough.

Trending Cool Hairstyles Inspiration: Famous Men with Naturally Curly Hair

Men with curly hair have been making waves in the fashion industry for quite some time now. The natural texture of their locks can give an effortless and unique look that sets them apart from others.

So, if you’re blessed with naturally curly hair, there’s no need to spend hours straightening it or trying to make it conform to conventional styles. Instead, embrace those curls and let your mane do the talking!

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some famous men who have sported remarkable hairstyles with naturally curly hair – sure to inspire you on your journey towards discovering the best hairstyle for yourself!

1) Kit Harington

Kit Harington is known for his brooding looks as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. But did you know he also has a head full of luscious curls? His signature shoulder-length hairstyle features loose ringlets that add volume and body to his face-framing tresses.

If you’re looking to style your own medium-to-long length natural curls like Harington, simply apply a generous dollop of mousse on dampened locks before scrunching away! Alternatively, use curl-defining cream which helps prevent frizz while enhancing moisture-rich coils for defined and bouncy spirals.

2) Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz rocked long curly locks during much of the 90s-2000s era (even Beyoncé called him Best Hair), pairing them perfectly with rockstar outfits off stage too. If you’re after something edgier than rustic full-curls that exude bohemian vibes – go ahead & try out Kravitz-inspired highlights say in coppery browns/red hues paired along beach-y textured under layers teamed up with grown-out layered ‘fro bangs’ swept sideways across your forehead – giving off laid-back summer feelings all year round.

3) Justin Timberlake

As one-fifth member of the iconic boy band NSYNC in late-90s, Justin Timberlake often mixed up curly quiffs with pop-funk style. His signature hairdo was a short-buzzed cut along with an exaggerated Johnny Bravo-style puff, surely turning heads everywhere! Bring out similar cool-factor by playing around with undercut fade or tight side-parting that’ll accentuate your curls without overdoing it.

4) Kit Harrington

Another hairstyle sported uniquely by Harington (Jon Snow), if you own thick/medium grow-out natural ringlets – this is just for you! Letting his medium-length crazy tangle of beach-y locks fall naturally on his forehead while staying swept back on top showcasing amazing fullness and volume at all times; he has shown us exactly how to rock untamed texture – making no apologies for living up as the King of The North!

5) Jaden Smith

Since Childhood days we’ve seen Hollywood prodigy Jaden Smith evolve into daring trendsetter. His bleached coif’s are famous right now, featuring within hairstyling trends watch-outs quite frequently. He likes sporting playful textured cuts that give off effortless vibes but also pack a punch when paired well alongside funky separates.

Some experts recommend highlighting your natural luxuriant wavy or curly hair edges to achieve ultimate definition & obvious contrasts whilst others prefer keeping things modestly understated yet classy like actor Javier Bardemor Timothy Olyphant with softer massive gentle waves running through their scalp’s gentler lengthwise curve-lines giving unassuming gracefulness to their appearance.

Wrapping It Up!

So there you have it – some Trending Cool Hairstyles Inspiration: Famous Men with Naturally Curly Hair! No matter what kind of curl pattern, preference towards lengths/styles or level of commitment when it comes to maintenance; these men can prove anyone simply how versatile hairstyles for thick/curly/wavy types really are!

The key takeaway? Celebrate your natural curls with pride and experiment away to figure out what shapes work best for you. After all, the possibilities are endless when it comes to expressing ourselves through our hair!

Expert Tips and Tricks to Maintain Your Cool Hairstyle for Curly Hair as a Guy

Curly hair can be a curse or a blessing for guys, depending on how they wear and maintain it. When you have curly hair, the right styling products are key to achieving and maintaining your hairstyle throughout the day.

Here are some expert tips and tricks to help you keep your cool hairstyle for curly hair:

1. Start with clean hair – Always begin by washing your hair thoroughly with a gentle shampoo that will not cause dryness or frizz.

2. Use appropriate products – Opt for lightweight products specifically designed for curly hairstyles such as leave-in conditioners, curl-enhancing creams/gels/waxes/pomades or oils. You could also use hairspray if required but ensure that it is non-alcoholic.

3. Identify your curl type – It’s important to know your curl pattern (using Andre Walker Hair Typing System) in order to select suitable products tailored towards enhancing them better

4. Make sure you get even distribution of product- Ensure that each strand of curl receives equal amounts of product especially during application so as not to weigh down particular sections whilst leaving others without enough care (you could try finger raking)

5. Don’t forget heat protection – Before blow-drying curls, make sure you use a heat protectant spray/mist/serum/oil.

6.Time yourself while using hot tools– Try setting time intervals when using heated tools like flat iron/curlers/etc., this would prevent damage due from excessive exposure

7.Sleepcare matters too- Preserve those kinks overnight by sleeping with silk/satin materials atop pillowcase instead of regular cotton ones which tend to siphon moisture away from natural locks resulting into unnecessary breakage/friction/dryness

8.Regular trims every 6-8 weeks: Getting rid off split ends enhances growth cycle transformation in addition upping texture specificity

So go ahead—rock those luscious curls confidently and remember these tips as well!

Table with useful data:

Hairstyle Name Description Image
Curly Undercut The hair is kept long on top and trimmed short on the sides, with curly texture visible on the top. Curly Undercut
Curly Fringe The hair is kept medium length and styled to be longer in the front with defined curls. Curly Fringe
Tapered Curls The hair is kept longer at the top and gradually gets shorter towards the sides and back, with the curls more defined on top. Tapered Curls
Short Natural Curls The hair is kept short all over and styled with natural curls. Short Natural Curls

Information from an expert

As a hair stylist with over 10 years of experience, I can confidently say that curly hair is a blessing. It is versatile and dang cool, but only when styled right. To achieve the perfect look for your curls as a guy, ensure to use gentle shampoo and conditioner formulated for curly hair to maintain their natural moisture. You could try different styles like the afro-textured cut or classic medium-length waves with tapered sides for maximum impact. Also, never forget to apply curl-enhancing styling products while creating these hairstyles – trust me; you will love how amazing they turn out!

Historical Fact:

In Ancient Greece, curly hair was considered a symbol of youth and vitality. Men styled their curls with oils and combs, sporting intricate hairstyles that became popular among the upper classes.

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