10 Best Curly Hair Styles for Men: A Personal Story and Expert Tips [2021 Guide]

10 Best Curly Hair Styles for Men: A Personal Story and Expert Tips [2021 Guide]

What are the best curly hair styles for men?

The best curly hair styles for men; is a question that has been asked by many individuals who desire to express their sense of style with their natural, textured locks. Whether opting for shorter or longer curls, there are various styles that can cater to different preferences and face shapes.

  • A classic afro hairstyle, where the curls grow in all directions and create a round shape on top of the head
  • A curly quiff, which involves longer hair at the front styled upwards while keeping tight curls at the back or sides
  • A slicked-back look that showcases defined coils and elongated waves towards the crown area

No matter what style you choose from these options or countless others available online, embracing your unique texture can help enhance your appearance and boost self-confidence.

Step-by-Step Guide: Creating the Perfect Curly Hair Look for Men

Curly hair can be a blessing and a curse for men. While it adds volume and texture to your mane, sometimes it can also leave you with wild unmanageable curls. Don’t worry though, as we’ve got you covered! Follow our simple step-by-step guide to creating the perfect curly hair look.

Step 1: Find The Right Products

Before starting any styling routine, make sure that you have the necessary products at hand. For curly haired men, finding the right types of shampoos and conditioners is crucial as regular ones will dry out your hair causing frizz.

Invest in a good quality shampoo specifically formulated for curls which will help moisturize your strands while retaining their natural shape. Brushes or combs aren’t always necessary; but if you want extra control with less fuss consider picking up something like Bestope Comb Set for example – they’re designed so as not to damage bits of tangled hair when used correctly.

In addition, top brands such as Duke Cannon provide options such as “Best Damn Beard Oil” which contains nourishing oils that work great on all types of textured facial hair leaving them soft and tamed rather than looking untidy all day long.

Step 2: Detangle Your Curls

Detangling your freshly washed curls reduces breakage making combing through easier too. Do this either by using an appropriate wide-toothed comb after gently towel drying your locks OR by allowing time for finger-combing (taking one section at a time). Parting makes things go more smoothly – start from where there is least resistance moving toward areas needing more attention/sculpting later instead of rushing into those difficult spots straight away?

Step 3: Apply A Leave-In Conditioner Or Curl Enhancer

A common mistake most guys tend to make is not adding enough moisture post-shower thus leaving their coils tight, coarse and difficult-to-style.

Moisturizing curl enhancers like Ecoslay Orange Marmalade Hair Gel and Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie add lasting hydration improving curl definition whilst reducing frizz at the same time. Damaged hair looks unattractive, so always avoid using harsh treatments that can strip natural oils.

Step 4: Use A Diffuser To Blow-Dry Your Curls

Most blow dryers are designed with a diffuser attachment to help keep curls intact rather than breaking them down as you scrunch or squeeze. Attach the diffuser to your dryer while doing upward motions in order to hold up the curls without causing frizz – this method will also allow better volume retention!

One small tip here is to avoid drying more than necessary as leaving bedhead dreadlock’s just have a significant effect on overall style quality (just think what happens when too much hot air causes changes); giving it enough time between refreshing cut/trimming can be beneficial for all types of curly hair

Step 5: Final Finishing Touches

Now that your gorgeous coils are visible after following steps one through four; work out any tangles which may have appeared, smooth those edges by applying pomades such as (Jacks Proprietary Blend Beard Oil) which is combined with wax providing a firm yet malleable stronghold and control throughout the day.

To complete the finish give some time for styling prior sealing everything appropriately into place with gentle hairspray like eco-ethic Natural Firm Hold Hairspray? Resist fiddling around once it’s done though because remember messy hands will undo any shaping work typical really quickly.

In Conclusion

Creating great curly hairstyles may appear complicated but don’t worry – these tips should make things feel a little easier going forward making sure all gentlemen maintain beautiful strands from barber shop worthiness right up until bedtime! The key message here is not necessarily expensive specialist products; instead taking good care of hair over long periods of time through moisturizing, finger-combing and using appropriate hairstyling tools can lead to much stronger locks – plus there’s something about the natural hair glow which is hard to ignore.

FAQs About Best Curly Hair Styles for Men: Answered by Pros

Maintaining curly hair can be a challenge for many men. From frizz to knots, it takes patience and effort to keep those curls looking fantastic. If you’re struggling with your curly locks, don’t worry! We’ve got the answers to all of your frequently asked questions about the best curly hair styles for men, straight from the professionals themselves.

Q: What are some styling tips for managing frizz in curly hair?

A: Start by using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for curly hair. Avoid over-washing or washing too often as this can strip natural oils that protect against frizz. Always use a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush when detangling damp curls – starting at the ends and slowly working upward towards roots. And if necessary apply products like leave-in conditioners, gels, mousses or serums while your curls are still wet.

Q: How important is getting regular trims in maintaining healthy-looking curls?

A: Regular trimming is essential since it helps get rid of any split ends that could lead to breakage further up on the strand – which also results in stunted length growth overtime.

Q; What are some trendy hairstyles for naturally curly-haired men?

A: There’s no silver bullet answer here – adopting specific hairstyle will largely depend on each person’s individual preference coupled with their grooming habits and lifestyle demands.

However based on current trends , we’ve seen short wavy shags making quite an impact lately . These style layouts usually incorporate fade cuts paired up with messy “undone” crown layering textures resulting in more defined wave patterns .
Don’t underestimate flat tops either ; they work well with tight coiled manes giving fullness-on-top along side tighter tapered sides.
For thinner curl types choppy layered medium-length cuts can give volume without too much fuss whilst keeping enough definition
Finally textured crops continue making waves : think shorter layers styled downward allowing for some height up top and a mix of curls throughout
But regardless of choice, make sure you always seek professional guidance regarding what would go best for your particular hair type.

Q: How do I prevent tangles and knots in curly hair?

A: Always start detangling at the ends with your fingers or wide-tooth comb. Apply leave-in conditioner or other styling products to help lubricate the strands for added slip if necessary , especially when individually manipulating loose curl sections . Also try leaving-on conditioning masks overnight every once in a while (maybe once a week) which can offer deeper moisturising that lasts longer.
Remember : no pulling when it comes to working out those kinks !

Q; Any insights on how to keep extra -long curly manes healthy without making them frizzy?

A: There’s nothing wrong with letting it grow out – but maintaining its lustre may require an additional concentrated routine. For one thing, sleeping on silk pillowcases will decrease friction thus reducing breakage chances . Applying nourishing oils such as argan in very small amounts should also be kept-up monthly . Use non-alcoholic hold sprays rather than mousses/gels and don’t over comb/style weekly.
Most importantly is committing time invested effort into regular deep-conditioning treatments geared towards preventing dryness by enhancing retained hydraulics balance,
also avoid harsh habits like heat frequently applied by common blow dryers/straighteners..etc

Mastering men’s locks requires patience and knowledge about the proper techniques designed specifically for each kind of textured-hair strand.But ultimately whenever any doubts creep up customer advice from veteran grooming professionals could prove extremely enlightening ,
as carrying out logic based efforts tends to yield better results compared to going through endless mishaps when undetermined.

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Best Curly Hair Styles for Men

When it comes to styling curly hair, it can be a bit of a challenge for some men. But fear not! With the right techniques and knowledge about how to care for your curls, you can achieve some seriously amazing hairstyles that will have heads turning in your direction. Here are the top 5 facts you need to know about the best curly hair styles for men:

1. Embrace Your Texture
Perhaps the most important thing to remember when styling curly hair is to embrace its natural texture. Don’t try to force straight styles or use harsh chemical treatments like relaxers, as this can damage your locks and cause breakage over time. Instead, opt for products specifically designed for curly hair (such as creams, gels, oils) which will help define and control frizz.

2. Keep It Short
Although longer lengths may work on certain guys with loose/wavy textures, shorter cuts typically work better when dealing with tighter curls – since volume is usually one of our main concerns when enhancing our curls- shorter lengths helps prevent too much unwanted poof caused by gravity pulling downwards from the weight of longer strands). A short cut makes it easier to create defined spiral formations rather than messy clumps without proper maintenance…

3. Invest In Quality Products
As mentioned above using quality products specially formulated for adding moisture and softness while controlling unruly strands is key – Using cheap brands filled with harmful chemicals such alcohols dries out already naturally dry curls resulting in dull dry breakable tresses even before due date– Investing in tried-and-tested salon-quality solutions will protect & enhance healthy curlicues long-term..

4.Try Different Styles To See What Works Best…
It’s always fun stepping outside our comfort zones trying new Styles we never thought would look good on us: don’t make settling into any one style just yet when exploring different options available!. Experimenting helps discover exactly what suits individual face shapes great so try various techniques such as the finger coil or twist-out to find what suits you best. These are popular go-to styles because they give maximum definition and a defined pattern that lasts for days.

5….But Don’t Forget To Consult A Pro
When it comes to curly hair, sometimes finding the right style can be tricky especially with texture types not easy to work with- consulting a professional stylist knowledgeable on all thing curls is never a bad idea!. They’ll have the expertise and tools needed to help bring your vision come alive whilst also recommend which products and treatments will suit individual hair porosity, density & elasticity effectively increasing scalp health in return. Investing time into maintaining healthy curls ultimately make styling much easier day-to-day…

So there you have it – some top tips about curly hairstyles for men! Remember: celebrate your natural curl pattern by treating it well, use premium quality products wisely, experiment different patterns , allow professional stylists assist when needed & flaunt those beautiful coils proudly!

Best Short and Long Hairstyles for Curly-Haired Men

Curly hair has its own unique charm, but it can also be a bit tricky when it comes to finding the perfect hairstyle. Men with curly hair often struggle with managing their locks and may feel like they have limited options. However, fear not! We’ve compiled a list of the best short and long hairstyles for curly-haired men that will help you embrace your natural curls with confidence.

Short Hairstyles:

1) The Buzz Cut: This is probably one of the easiest hairstyles for guys with curly hair to manage. With a buzz cut or crew cut, you won’t need to worry about styling products or spending hours in front of the mirror every morning trying to get your curls just right.

2) Curly Quiff: If you’re looking for something more stylish than a buzz cut, try a curly quiff. It’s shorter on the sides and longer on top, allowing you to show off those beautiful curls while keeping them under control.

3) Short Wavy Crop: For men who have tight waves instead of full-on curls, this style is perfect as it keeps everything neat without being too severe.

4) Faded Undercut: An undercut looks great on almost everyone and adds some depth and texture to thick curly hair. Ask your barber for a fade starting from midway down your head towards nape area.

Long Hairstyles:

1) Man Bun: Even if man buns are no longer in fashion they still work amazingly well for men blessed with voluminous loose ringlets or wavy tresses. You might want some growth before rocking this classic look however.

2) Slicked Back Waves/Curls: Showcasing how great long hair looks when slicked back into our face shape draws attention towards naturally defined features.

3) Half-Up Ponytail Style – Tonsure Trend Asymmetrical Hairdo : Not only does half-up ponytail keep all those wayward kinky strands out of our eyes, but it’s an ideal style when you want your hair out of your way. To create this effect, pull up half your locks while leaving the rest down.

4) Afro: When longer curly strands are shaved at the sides and left to rise up in a natural fluff atop our heads it creates a bold look that looks both poised and powerful depending on how we carry off such strong styles.

In conclusion, the best haircut for men with curly hair is one that suits their unique features, their personality and taste as well – from short and trendy buzz cuts to long buns – so go ahead experiment away! Remember always consult a hairstylist who can give professional advice specific to each individual’s curl pattern often varies within different areas of scalp hence customizing would suit best results. Embrace those curls don’t be afraid to try new things; happy styling!

The Perfect Products to Enhance Your Curls: A Guide for Men

If you’re a man blessed with curls, then it’s important to know that not all hair products were created equal. To get the most out of your curly locks, it’s essential to use products that will nourish and enhance your curls while maintaining the definition and bounce for which they are known.

Luckily, there is an extensive range of excellent hair care products designed specifically for men with enviable curls. From creams and gels to shampoos and conditioners, these top-tier offerings can help both tame unruly coils or add volume to flatter waves.

So without further ado let’s dive in:

Shampoo: First things first – choosing the right shampoo! Curly hair needs moisturizing formulas because curly hair typically tends to be more dry than straighter types of hair. Look for a sulfate-free formula like Kinky-Curly Come Clean Natural Moisturizing Shampoo that will work hard to remove buildup while hydrating your strands from root-to-tip.

Conditioner: Next up, conditioner! When looking for something suitable for men with curly hair seeking moisture , choose one packed with super-nourishing ingredients like shea butter or coconut oil – try Cantu Shea Butter Hydrating Cream Conditioner or NYM Curl Talk formula that aims at defining those lushious ringlets of yours .

Leave-In-Conditioner : Follow up by applying a leave-in conditioner (or detangler) immediately after showering whilst your scalp is still soaking wet; this ensures maximum absorption promising no frizz whatsoever ! You want something light weight so as not weigh down those bouncing tendrils likes INAHU Growth Leave In Conditioner which also doubles as a styling product.

Gel / Creams : Curls need stylers too especially when humidity takes over aimlessly ruining everything!! That’s where strong hold gels come into play ensuring every strand stands tall in place leaving no room for wavering!. Try any of the following: Kinky-Curly Original Curling Custard or Garnier Fructis Style Pure Clean Styling Gel for that extra stronghold lasting all day long. If you’re seeking something with a little bit more control but no build-up, reach out to DevaCurl Supercream Coconut Curl Styler.

Hair Oil : Throw in hair oil into your hair care line up every couple weeks/mnth so as to prevent split ends while keeping those beautiful curls healthy and glossy shine.! We recommend ouiping Amika Supernova Moisture & Shine Cream with sea buckthorn berry which penetrates each strand giving lifeless locks some much-needed definition! Or try Harry’s Hair Repair; rich with vitamins nourishing strands deep within .

So there you have it, Gentlemen! The perfect combination of products that will keep curly manes looking their best and full of volume throughout whatever season dares bring along!!

Celebrities that Rock the Best Curly Hair Styles for Men

Curly hair can often be seen as a problem to many men, but that’s not the case anymore. More and more celebrities are embracing their natural curls, proving that curly men hairstyles can create a bold, confident look.

Here are some of the top celebrities rocking stunning curly hairstyles for men.

1. Harry Styles: This former One Direction singer has made waves with his lustrous locks in recent years, adopting everything from tight ringlets to looser tousled curls. He wears them long or short and is always stylishly coiffed.

2. Timothée Chalamet: With messy yet trendy styles topping the list nowadays among young people, it’s hard not to find Timothée Chalamet sporting one of these sought after looks; even when he cuts his curls shorter they still hold their shape with incredible texture!

3. Miguel: The R&B star has embraced his wild Afro-style curls ever since breaking out into the music industry in 2010, and he continues to style them effortlessly whether braided back or growing wildly free.

4. Kit Harington: Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow may have finally shaved off those tresses but let us take you back in time where Harington sported lush caramel colored wavy tresses which added regal sophistication atop his fur coats & furs whilst winter wasn’t coming down on Westeros’.

5. Troye Sivan: If we’re talking about rockstars with super-cute boy-next-door vibes, then how could we miss Troye Sivan? The South African-born Australian artist showcases dream-worthy golden-brown corkscrew locks complete for any carefree summer adventure – Hot Mess?

6.Tommy Dorfman : Best known for playing Ryan Shaver on Netflix’s ‘13 Reasons Why,’ Tommy Dorfman sports thick textured voluminous gayle spirals all through sleek layers adding an extra edge-off-mess imminently suited for his bad-boy persona.

7. Evan Peters: The infamous ‘American Horror Story’ star has discovered that shorter hairstyles work great for him and are perfect to showcase his natural curls; from crop tops framing the face effortlessly, smooth slick tressed updos or an epic quiff – this man can rock it all!

After looking at these celebrities aptly rocking their crystal curly do’s through effortless aplomb, there is no denying that men with naturally curly hair can adopt a variety of styles – so embrace those ringlets guys!

Table with useful data:

Style Name Description Image
Afro A classic style for men with voluminous curls. The hair is cut evenly all around the head, creating a spherical shape. Afro hair style
Tapered Curls Shorter hair on the sides and back, with longer hair on the top. The hair on top is styled into defined curls. Tapered Curls hair style
Curly Top with Faded Sides Long curls on top, styled with product, with shorter hair on the sides cut close to the skin. Curly Top with Faded Sides hair style
Curly Crop Cropped curls all around, with shorter hair on the sides and back. Curly Crop hair style
Long and Loose Curls Long curls left loose and natural. This style works well for those with longer hair. Long and Loose Curls hair style

Information from an expert

As an expert in men’s hairstyles, I have found that the best curly hair styles for men depend on the individual’s face shape and hair type. For example, square faces look great with shorter curls while round faces can pull off longer hairstyles. Defined curls paired with a fade or undercut can also give a sharp and trendy edge to any man’s look. Ultimately, it comes down to finding what works best for each person‘s unique features and preferences. With the right cut and maintenance routine, curly-haired men can rock any style they choose!

Historical fact:

In the 1970s, the Afro became one of the most popular and iconic curly hair styles for men. It was seen as a symbol of black pride and revolutionized men’s hairstyles at the time.

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